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RETURN TO EVEREST of National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset

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reexperience the historic moment when human bid for the highest mountain in the world for the first time

On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay becames the first people who conquered the Everest ( the highest mountain in the world, also called Qomolangma). They risked their lives to bag the honour ever created: standing at the top of the world. Now, more than 30 years has passed and Hillary and his fellow mountain climbers returned to Everest and celebrated their historic mountain climbing beginning. This video collects the shocking documentary films of their expedition in 1953, dedicating to the brave who conquered this famous moutain and the Sherpa who helped these pioneers to achieve their goal.

US$107.21 National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset on www/boxsetoffer/com

US$107.21 National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset
National Geographic 100 Years lets you see the world and experience the natural scenery and ethnic customs worldwide at home. BoxSetOffer offers friends National Geographic 100 Years collection with unbeatable price. Just for sharing!!!

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