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What You Cannot Miss! US$23.07 Zumba Fitness DVD Boxset

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Four Steps Fitness with Zumba Fitness DVDs

US$23.07 Zumba Fitness DVD Boxset

This set Zumba Fitness comes with four dvds to get you dancing your ways into fitness.

The first dvd is called Zumba steps in this dvd you will learn every move, step by step, that appear in the workout videos. Beto breaks down the classic Zumba moves into simple, easy to followsteps that everyone can do. Wse this video first and you'll amaze yourself at how quickly you learn a whole new way to move.

In the second dvd- Zumba beginners get ready to sweat! A 30 minute workout that will burn calories and tone you up! This video is a great introduction to Zumba and the rhythms will keep you moving.

In Disc 3 Zumba Advanced- When you have mastered Zumba Beginners, you can really turn up the heat with this 60 minute workout. This is the ultimate Zumba workout. Master this video and you will cange the way you move and feel, and find a whole new level of energy. You'll work out to music so hot that you just have to move.

The last dvd Zumba Rapido is designed to be a quick fix, Zumba workout for those mornings when you only have a little bit of time. This 15 minute workout is a complete head-to-toe workout that will help keep you fit when time is short.

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