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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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AMONG THE WILD CHIMPANZEES of National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset

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join Jane Goodall group, go to Africa and take a closer look to the world of chimpanzees

In 1960, Jane Goodall started for Gombe Stream Game Reserve, a remote place in Tanzania of East Africa, to study the "chimpanzees" which behaves most similarly to human. With her tough and tensile spirit, Jan finally won the trust of wild chimpanzees and step by step did the research on the distinctive disposition of every chimpanzee and their daily life. The film "Among the Wild Chimpanzees" has completely recorded the 20-year brilliant achievements of Jane Goodall, even including the great discovery that chimpanzees can also produce and use tools.

US$107.21 National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset on www/boxsetoffer/com

US$107.21 National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset
National Geographic 100 Years lets you see the world and experience the natural scenery and ethnic customs worldwide at home. BoxSetOffer offers friends National Geographic 100 Years collection with unbeatable price. Just for sharing!!!

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