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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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BORN OF FIRE of National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset

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be present at the cataclysm scene and experience the awesome explosive strength of our earth

Photographers of National Geographic Society of the United States trained their cameras on Iceland, Africa, Japan, California, Greece and so on, showing us straight the significant earthquakes caused by tectonic plates' straining against each other, sliding and overriding and the volcanic eruption circumstances, etc. All these cataclysms result of the explosive hot materials under the crust. We will follow the scientists from all over the world and explore the origins of these powerful geological processes. BORN OF FIRE tells us that when human has the ability to use this kind of huge power for self-interest, they should also make preventive measures ahead of time cautiously for all possible cataclysm.

US$107.21 National Geographic 100 Years DVD Boxset on www/boxsetoffer/com

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