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The Big Bang Theory—Favorite Comedy Show!

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The Big Bang Theory DVD is one of my favorite comedies right now, and I hope it continues for many years. This is one of the funniest shows of all time. It’ a group of geeks who do a lot is so things. Sheldon funny. He is the funniest character I keep century.And you say, ‘People are geeks to see this exhibition’. Bones DVD I result. Humor: It’s a laugh a laugh seconds. Votes Sheldon is so much fun. Music: Another one of them shows that there is no theme music: This is history. The only problem is with these images show them Quigley Be that as it may, CBS created the show, which is 100 times better than Everybody Hates Chris, Grey's Anatomy DVD two times better than Malcolm in the Middle East, and 100 million better than Johnny Test! I love the big bang theory, especially the resident Indian, Kunai Nayyar! Brothers and Sisters DVD And I JUST found him on the red carpet, interviewing! What a cutie! The thing is, isn't Nayyar from the UK? In the video he still has an accent. The writing is so creative and the bantter so rich that it takes the dying race of sit com yo a whole new level. Criminal Minds DVD Simple moments become pop culture icons leading me to believe that it is a show that will be quoted in the future as friends is now.

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