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The Big Bang Theory—Lovely Series!

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1 The Big Bang Theory—Lovely Series! on Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:41 am

I love The Big Bang Theory DVD, especially the resident Indian, Kunai Nayyar! And I JUST found him on the red carpet, interviewing! What a cutie! The thing is, isn't Nayyar from the UK? In the video he still has an accent. The L Word DVD Is that some kind of umm...persona he's supposed to fill? I'm confused. Either way, I love it! I love this show not just because it is funny but i understand a lot of the jokes. It all revolves around 4 scientists who are really geeky, and dont know the first thing about women, Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD untill a reall hot new neighbour penny moves in and befrineds the group, Leonard straight away falls in love with her and tries to get her to be his girlfriend. ther is leonard the more dwon to earth physicist, sheldon the over intelligent one who knows nothing about real life, Cold Case DVD howard a sex driven engineer who rli has no chance witht eh opposite sex and finally raj who cannot talk to pretty women unless he is drunk all in all this show is about a 9.7/10 and would recoomned it to all. Simple moments become pop culture icons leading me to believe that it is a show that will be quoted in the future as friends is now. Desperate Housewives DVDI was told about this hilarious show and decided to give it a try mid season this year.

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