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Fringe Season 1 DVD

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1 Fringe Season 1 DVD on Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:10 am

What if you are told that you are already dead actually but exist in another form, with subconscious and thinking system as you were alive, just like the guy in Fringe Season 1 DVD? I just watched a movie like this, named Source Code, focus on a broken limbs and incomplete body who is already dead but brain cells are still working with the help of a series of high technology medical equipment. I can’t imagine the shock and terrify when the main character find out the truth until I watched source code. Coincidently, there is another man hold the same unbelievable experience, virtual alive as long as actually dead. Peter in Fringe DVD was told he is from the parallel universe, a replacement for his own Peter that died from a genetic disease, and that it is his prior experiments that caused the singularities in the parallel universe. As an fiction science tv show, Fringe Season 4 DVD focus on a virtual universe which is parallel to our reality universe which means there is another you exist in that universe. Amazing imagination, you should never miss it if you are a great science fiction fan.

Mike and Molly DVD, Mike and Molly Season 1 DVD

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