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Zumba-Tons of Fun When Doing Exercise at Home!

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If you buy Zumba set comes with four different DVDs. One is for beginners, it's slow, but it shows you some of the movements. I think it is appropriate for an elderly person or someone who has never danced before. It gets a man started Or, if you're slow to pick up dance routines, you can enjoy the slow learning of basic movements.
The abs and thigh DVD is everything you read. Not necessarily the most exciting DVD series, but the workout is good.
The Advanced DVD, in my opinion, an intermediate DVD. You get to apply what you learned on the first Zumba DVD and the pace gets faster. I think it works well for someone who needs to move but still can not go all the way into it. I enjoyed the music a lot and I think if we add the hips or shoulders booster movements, the routine becomes more difficult.
And the fourth is called Power DVD - Fast. This is a better workout and make you sweat! Yes, stop between the elements, but it's nothing that will kill you. I was in a bad state for quite some time, and even though I grew up dancing to Latin dancing, I found it quite challenging. If you do not like dancing in front of others, can not afford a gym membership to participate in Zumba class, or, if none is available in your area, buy Zumba DVD. And it's the closest thing in the class and the music is tons of fun!

Zumba DVD
Zumba Fitness DVD
Supernatural DVD 1-5
Grey's Anatomy DVD 1-6
Entourage DVD 1-7
Weeds DVD 1-5
Scrubs DVD 1-9

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