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The Office-Many Classic Moment

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1 The Office-Many Classic Moment on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:23 pm

These episodes of The Office DVD are hilarious. There are so many classic moments: Dwight and Jim call fake phone to see if Dwight is too aggressive, while Michael watches because they both get bad performance reviews (although there is an interesting explanation for it ), Dwight Cornell comes dressed in clothes and responses to it, Andy, Andy screams "Are you blind?" Erin than trying to hide it; scene with Andy sneak up on Dwight with his hybrid, that is so, so funny. Speaking of Andy, he quickly became one of my favorites if not my favorite number. Dwight has been impressive Two and A Half Men DVD, and although I do not like the character of Ryan, BJ Novak is a very good actor. His progress as a character is impressive. Steve Carrell also deserves a great habit to notice. The fifth season is long and satisfying (that's what she said) and he gets more bang for the buck, Law and Order DVD is 26 episodes on 5 discs in a little over 10 hours.

There are also more than 3 hours of deleted scenes that easily integrate with Desperate Housewives DVD. They are also the best deleted scenes I've ever seen. The first and last episodes, deleted scenes are particularly good, but there are many laugh out loud moments deleted scene, which is pretty amazing. Many episodes have comments on this really obsessed, and above him, made all the webisodes to date are also included. The webisodes are not too bad either, they give a chance for secondary characters to shine. I do not think this show has lost his touch, I laughed a similar amount to The Big Bang Theory DVD, perhaps even more, and all I can hope for is another couple of seasons on a footing of equality with it ... or better.

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