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Supernatural-Mini Horror Movie?

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1 Supernatural-Mini Horror Movie? on Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:38 pm

Described as "The X Files meets Route 66", Supernatural came last fall at the World Bank and quickly became the one bright spot for the new schedule. Feel the elimination of more than "Buffy" or "Angel", this new show helps fill this gap, if not quite do for her. Better than expected for this type of problem in a network like the World Bank, Supernatural is a short range, so it's a little "mini horror movie" every week, but own mythology and history of bow season. Historias weekly delve into the folklore and urban legend famous. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki played Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who drive across the country locate people and supernatural beings is happening and help. They have their own personal reasons that motivate to understand horrible tragedies that have occurred at two and their families. While Mulder is looking for his sister, the boys are in search of his father.
"Pilot" is an exceptionally well done from the first episode that sets up everything very well. Other top teams, highlighted in this period of "Bloody Mary", which the brothers confront the famous legend of a ghostly apparition in the mirror. "Hook Man" makes a tour of new and modern on the 'ol crazy hand hook killer band friends, the story and pull it out. Ackles can show his acting chops in shape to move the episode "Skin" The boys' tragic past comes back to haunt them exceptional "Home" one of the first season's best episode. "Asylum" is one of the brothers at the top are trying to find something strange is going on and refused asylum.
"Scarecrow" is a thrill ride of wonderful little strange cititzens their allegiance to a murderous scarecrow. Buffy Julie Benz (Darla) appears in "Faith" Another alum of the universe of Joss Whedon, Angel, Amy Acker, appears in "Dead In The Water", "Hell House" is a fun and entertaining reference Buffy, vampires and even appeared in "Dead Man's Blood". The two brothers are regulars on the show, and they carry the series very well. Ackles is the real star of the show. His character is complex Dean with a great sense of humor and impudence. Sam is a Padalecki austere little cracks that are barely a smile. watch the show is sometimes light, but many times dark and hard. It is your right, and it is production values are top notch. One of the best aspects of the show soundtrack is kickin classic rock. What's not to love?
Well, "Bugs" for one, but that's it. Supernatural is a series rich in layers and designed so that it could have a long and fruitful. The writing is beautiful, the ideas are fresh and inventive, and the son of two can lead to the fair without the usual others. The brother is strong and fragile at the same time another. This is how a lot of sibling rivalry, as there are things that may arise in the night. It has all the right ingredients for a cult. Hopefully The CW knows that it is a good thing and treat them well.Supernatural is nothing but fun fun from beginning to end.

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