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Gonzales [Sacae] needs to drop to below Bartre

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Ok, you start great, but you have a major weakness of accuracy. Bartre might not double as consistantly, but starts with the sheer strength to make up for it, along with an accurate range option. Bartre also doesn't need a promotion item, nor does he need to use one immediately where Rutger or some other hero crester would like it.

So you're trained, and now we're in Sacae. General avoid is around well...

Average Nomad
HP: 35
Attack: 18
Hit: 116
Crit: 18
Attack Speed: 19
Avoid: 46
Crit Evade: 9
Defense: 7
Resistance: 5

Most common enemy type, but also generally the kind that is the weakest of what's common. Everything else has similar avoid, but also packing swords. This enemy type I would require a ranged option, of which Gonzo has the hand axe. Even at 20/20 from Echidna route, I'd only have 47 displayed hit. A more realistic level of even 15/5 would be 37 displayed. Needless to sy, he's gonna have a hard time just hitting things. Bartre at least has better accuracy stats, and a Bow option. Gonzo might not be doubled, but he's not hitting anything.

So basically, Gonzo is like Geese in that he's only actually good in Bern. He might have a better start (doubling>somewhat better acc and rank), but that's why I'm not aiming to have him join Geese.

Either way, Gonzo needs to drop somewhere, even if my aims are a bit too harsh. At least below someone in upper mid who's actually capable of hitting things.

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Gonz totally shitstomps Bartre for the roughly the rest of the time he exists because he STARTS with the same base as Bartre only he levels way faster and has about 1.5 times his spd growth.

I don't believe losing for three or four chapters outweighs a dominant win in more chapters.

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Ok fine, so I was a bit harsh. How about below Klein? Because shit accuracy basically all the way until Bern should be accounted for.

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On what basis do you accuse Gonzales of being worse than all of:

Ashtol [but we're bumping Astol up to high anyway :/]

Just like that? That's a pretty ridiculous drop. I certainly can't see him below Fir. Oh, crap hit should be accounted for? So should crap AS. Klein starts to not double and suck after a while, and Gonzo will only have to hit once to outdo Klein.

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Klein wins Sacae with Brave Bow (or any other bow, for that matter) and does decently in Bern with bows.

I think Klein should move up anyway though and Gonzales on Ilia route needs to move up as well.

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