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Bow users and the tier list split

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1 Bow users and the tier list split on Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:37 pm

More specifically, the people who are locked to bows. They need to go up on the Sacae list and down on the Ilia list. Previously their positions factored the "average" of their performances in both routes; they perform relatively better in Sacae than in Ilia because awesome enemy phase is better than having an effective bonus on a weak class of enemy.

I don't really want to make individual topics for each character, but if discussion regarding one character gets too lengthy, I'd suggest creating an offshoot.

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2 Re: Bow users and the tier list split on Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:50 pm

I'll also help shorten it a bit. Basically if you have about 16 Str and access to the brave bow, you are godly in Sacae.

Seriously, it's because of that I find the Brave Bow more valuable than the Miurge. +speed is nice, but garunteed double with possible quad is better.

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