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wholesale ray ban sunglasses

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1 wholesale ray ban sunglasses on Wed May 16, 2012 4:01 am

LV sunglasses are a result of the invention on the Skilynx lens developed by French opticians Joseph Hatchiguian and Roger Pouilloux in 1957. Initially marketed making use of the name Skilynx Acier, the glasses were originally supplied to the French Ski Team.

Following French alpine skier Jean Vuarnet won the Gold Medal in the Downhill at the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley, a deal was agreed upon to use his name to brand and market the sunglasses.

Vuarnet sunglasses are considered one on the best, if not The very best within the world, especially for snow and water sports.

The Vuarnet brand is owned by the French corporation Sporoptic Pouilloux, S.A.

Common Vuarnet Sunglass Models

The Vuarnet 002 style frame was a very common style but is no longer manufactured. It could be discovered on and in closeout shops even though. The Vuarnet 003 style was also quite well-liked and is no longer manufactured. Both had been injection molded nylon frame Cheap glasses.

At present one in the most preferred frame styles is the Vuarnet Wayfarer VL1021 which can be comparable in style to the 002 but a little heavier in the frame.

Vuarnet: Leaders inside the Sport Sunglasses Business

For more than 40 years Vuarnet has been the major sport sunglass manufacturer within the world. They have sold over 20 million sunglasses in over 30 nations worldwide!

Making use of Vuarnets on the slopes, on the lake or simply daily means your eyes are 100% protected from UV rays and are created with the finest and best superior supplies offered.

Skilynx Lenses

The Skilynx lens is one in the most sturdy and scratch resistant lenses with very high infrared protection. By applying numerous surface coatings towards the lens,wholesale ray ban sunglasses enable wearers to function and play out in the bright sun without having being dazzled as well as getting increased luminosity in dark weather.

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