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Cecilia out of upper-mid

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1 Cecilia out of upper-mid on Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:09 pm

This came to my attention when watching Cecilia doing 8 damage with like 63 hit in one of Dondon's 0% growth videos.

First off, Cecilia's combat is hopeless. At max level she has 15 spd, which has trouble doubling enemies in her joining chapter. Never doubling, check.

Her mag starts off at 11, which is the same as what Clarine has at 20/1, and we all know that she has atk issues. The most powerful tome we can give her besides forblaze and bolting is elfire, so that gives her 19 atk. Most enemies have more than twice that amount of hp, so even if those enemies had 0 res, she'd still only be 3RKOing them. Crappy damage output, check.

What caught me the most off-guard was that a magic user had hitrate issues. Aside from shaman and druids, I have never seen this before in the 7 FEs I've played. Thanks to her abysmal 7 base skill, the most hit she can rack up is 119 with a fire tome she'll never be using (see: crappy damage output) and even priests have over 30 avo at this point. If that doesn't strike you as hilariously bad, consider this; she pulls 68 true hit on a mercenary using elfire. A 20/1 Ray with nosferatu pulls 80 true hit.

Defensively, nothing special. 30-41 hp, 7-11 def, 13-18 res, 30-45 avo (I'm showing ranges from base level to max level to illustrate how little she improves in these areas). A chapter 15 steellance!cavalier 2HKOes her a 54 display, so roughly a 25% chance of death in 2 attacks. She has no business doing anything on the frontlines.

And so her upper-mid ranking has to come almost entirely from her staff usage. We have Ray an entire tier below her, and yet he can do the same thing just by using a guiding ring. I'm pretty sure Noah and Treck's combat are more useful than Cecilia acting as an nth string healer as well.

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2 Re: Cecilia out of upper-mid on Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:14 pm

I thought Cecilia was supposed to drop to LoMid when Bartre moved up.

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3 Re: Cecilia out of upper-mid on Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:25 pm

I can agree, as that was a lift wholly on perhaps a hasty notion in that this sort of utility (mount+staffs+aircalibur chip) without a promotion item is great. We can now see that isn't the case.

Ray can even nosferatank (Personal experience I know, but it saved him from death from a merc. I know that was a stupid move, but Nosferatu gives him that kind of lifesaving power).

I keep thinking Ray should go up, but I;m not sure exactly how to go about it. It's like I want him to rise, but I can't see how he could.

I hate it when that happens.

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4 Re: Cecilia out of upper-mid on Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:32 am


Cecilia is just that: a free mounted healbot with Aircalibur. Her combat is ass, but the people in her general area all have ass combat at some point or another.

Take Bartre, he's kinda good at first, then later his combat isn't notably better, sometimes worse, but he has to do it at 1-range. Cecilia can still contribute positively since she requires no combat stats whatsoever to be useful, but all Bartre is doing is...subpar fighting.

For an even more difficult example, take Oujay. He starts off shit, but then once he promotes his combat can be argued as somewhat good. It's a long time away though due to his large level deficit.

As for Ray being a tier below her when he can do the same: he has no mount, he needs a Ring for it (competition + cost ahoy) and it's E instead of C staves. His combat is better, though.

Cecilia looks a lot better in comparison to above examples if you throw both units onto spots along with extremely good teams, and assume you want to use them to full efficiency. That goes with a philosophy that can be likened to archers: "Klein's enemy phase doesn't exist, but this Oujay-dude's enemy phase is worse than most of my team's, so I'd rather he doesn't fight there at all" (for example).

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