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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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what's place us

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1 what's place us on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:27 am

You'd want to build in some exceptions, even though, including an authorization to spend extra on defense within a time of declared war. But you'd want language within the law which strictly limits those exceptions, as well, so the liberals can't keep the status quo by just keeping us in a continual state of war (or some other "emergency")... that is one of their preferred tricks, and it really is part of what's place us New York Yankees Hats in the position we're in these days.

In the past, politicians have ingratiated themselves to voters by doling out substantial sums of revenue to their districts for projects that not only defy logical government intervention, but which typically appear ridiculous for any individual to undertake. But these bills have already been covered (literally masked) by a government which had the sense to enable the marketplace economy to continue to develop, and to provide the government with ever-increasing levels of revenue. Because 2009, though, the liberals have been dashing toward their long-held dream of ending this spend-and-cover process and replacing it using a government-controls-everything collectivist method. Now that we've had a couple years to see this effort in action, we're watching the marketplace dry up, the government run out of other peoples' dollars, as well as the nation totter on the brink of new era wholesale financial collapse.

The beauty of a spending limit is multi-fold. Not just does it stop politicians from in fact collapsing the free-market technique that's made America good (plus the planet extra comfy and protected), it truly gives them an incentive to get out on the way and let the no cost market place develop the economy. If you can only invest, say, twelve percent of GDP, and you are a government spendaholic, you wish that GDP to be as high as it may be. And permitting the absolutely free market to run, nicely, free, might be the only way you could get those bucks you want to send back to your district for investigation on turtles.

Limit the spending. Starve the beast. Till you do new era caps wholesale, no one will choose to begin a great small business or invest to develop wealth (which builds strength). Stop blaming "the rich," and start off freeing them to complete what they do very best: make organization, develop jobs, make prosperity, produce genuine national strength. Restore correct limited government in America now, because the nation's Founders established, or shed hard-won freedom here and throughout the world.

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