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Fiora > Isadora ?

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1 Fiora > Isadora ? on Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:22 pm

Fiora joins in 19, Isadora joins in 22. 3 chapters of availability win for Fiora (might’ve forgotten gaidens). Another miscellaneous advantage is flying, which has obvious benefits such as ferrying someone over a mountain or bypassing terrain with no movement penalty.

Let's say Fiora gained 4 levels in those 3+ chapters.

Fiora lv 11/0: 24 hp, 9 str, 13 skl, 15 spd, 7 lck, 7 def, 9 res, 5 con

Isadora lv --/1: 28 hp, 13 str, 12 skl, 15 spd, 10 lck, 8 def, 6 res, 6 con

Fiora gets noticeably thwomped. However, look at what happens a few chapters later:

Fiora lv 17/0 (C Florina): 28 hp, 12.5 str, 17 skl, 18 spd, 9 lck, 8 def, 12 res, 5 con

Fiora lv 17/1 (C Florina): 33 hp, 14.5 str, 17 skl, 18 spd, 9 lck, 10 def, 14 res, 6 con

Isadora lv --/4: 30 hp, 14 str, 13 skl, 17.5 spd, 11 lck, 9 def, 7 res, 6 con

Already Fiora’s caught up statistically, if not pulling ahead.

In terms of growths (+ for Fiora, - for Isadora):

-5 hp, +5 str, +25 skl, 0 spd, 0 def, +25 res, -15 luck

Arguably an advantage for Fiora. Combine that with her faster levelling and she definitely has a stat lead at some point in the game.

Too lazy to look at supports but both have great lists. Isadora will benefit considerably more due to gaining full avo whereas Fiora’s doomed to gain partial avo at best. I suppose Isadora also has much better WT control (3 weapons > 1, 2 at promotion but lol E swords for a while) and weapon levels.

Seems like a pretty close match-up. What do you guys think?

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2 Re: Fiora > Isadora ? on Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:00 pm


Close, yeah. Characters in FE7 are generally very close though. I can throw her in bottom of Upper Mid at least for now.

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