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Radnay > Patty [Beowulf]?

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1 Radnay > Patty [Beowulf]? on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:01 am

Radnay gets a total of +4 Strength and +4 Luck through a few early conversations and events, the last of which can be done as soon as she and Shanan meet up and she also starts with a level lead on Patty. Patty gets some lategame convos that give her +3 HP and +1 Luck.
Radnay always wins Strength and Speed by several points, and before Patty promotes she's stuck with C Swords while Radnay has A. Charge simply is not going to make up for this. Radnay wins offense, massively so early on, more marginally so later.
For durability, Radnay starts out better with wins in Def and Avoid, essentially a tie in HP and Res, and she doesn't have to worry about Charge suddenly going off when you don't want it to. As they level-up, Patty improves relative to Radnay everywhere but Res, and just before promotion she catches up in durability. Then after promotion she wins durability. Not sure which win ends up more significant, too lazy to look at enemy stats and compare in-depth. Both are kind of dire in durability early on, honestly. Patty might win overall, though getting 3HKOed is hugely better than 2HKOed so if Radnay manages that against a notable number of enemies early on and Patty does not I would be tempted to give Radnay better overall durability as well; it also helps that Patty probably faces death chances for some time if she goes to 1-range combat because of Charge mishaps.
And Patty has gold stealing and distribution. I'm skeptical this is overcoming Radnay's offense, since once she gets those Str boosts (and the money to buy whatever Sword you feel like giving her, which I suppose Patty does help contribute to) her offense is better than, say, Serlis's until he promotes.

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2 Re: Radnay > Patty [Beowulf]? on Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:12 am

Seems valid to me, other thoughts?

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3 Re: Radnay > Patty [Beowulf]? on Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:43 am



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