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Think of the children!

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1 Think of the children! on Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:18 am

Yes, let's think of them. How many of them are in actuality gonna exist?

Some pairings are realistic (Tiltyu and one of the other mages, Bridget with Holyn, Ayra with Holyn), but some are not. Example, Lachesis and Fin. That pairing is IMPOSSIBLE in an efficient run.

Lemme try to explain. You need 500 points to get kids to be possible. Lachesis starts with 50+2. Get's 2 points every turn. She needs basically 225 turns to fall in love with somebody. I'm whipping through the game pretty quick, that is nigh impossible in an efficient run. She will need people nearby grabbing her ass. Chances are, this will not be a mount. Beowulf shaves off 100 love points, shaving the required turns down to 175. This is STILL near impossible. Every turn adjacent, that's +5 points. He would need about 11 turns nearby in an efficient run. Considering the sheer move difference, this is very well a skeptical idea. In exchange, this makes foot soldiers all the more likely for her. Example, it would only take 68 turns for her to fall in love with someone adjacent to her every turn. You could do that in two chapters, and you have plenty of foot soldiers willing to do so. So, who's a more easily viable love interest?

Azel-Delmud might need magic swords, but that just means he has 1-2 range that's not garbage. Nanna doesn't care, because she always has a monster Str growth, but whatever makes the Earth Sword stronger.

Arden-Nanna's screwed, but at least she can tank with her durability growths and Earth Sword. Delmud might be a problem, but he can inherit the pursuit ring for free. Sword inheritence too. You get tank mounts, though one will be missing the offense she would have otherwise.

Holyn-Well it's too bad mounts can't use moonlight, or else this couple would be broken. However, it's also possible Holyn has other interests. Holyn might want to pair up with Bridget to make Patty suck far less to give gen 2 an overall stronger team, as Lachesis is not exactly strapped for a good couple.

Beowulf I suppose could be possible, as 11 turns is rather minimal.


Mideel needs 280 turns to pull it off after the love convo. He can pull off about 200 without being nearby on average. He'd need about 40 turns near her. It's possible thanks to all the time they have, the lag in hte forest and the need to recruit Jamka. Chances are you wouldn't want any other pairing anyways.


Ayra is frigid. She only has points with Beowulf, Levin (???), and Claude (the other two are at 50, but for some reason Claude is at 200...). Lex even with the love growth would need 200 turns. Since her join time, I predict it possible for him to pull off 185, meaning he would need 3 turns next to her at worst. +2 growths and joining early work wonders. Holyn could pull it off faster for a support boost while still in part 1, but I'd rather take Lex's children over that.


NOW we have a problem. She joins a bit midgame, and she has a bunch of 50+2s, and she is not only of high move, but flying. Her only love convo is with Levin. This would mean she needs 99 turns...which could happen naturally actually. In fact, after hte love convo it's impossible for Fury NOT to fall in love with Levin. Claude is at 100+3, meaning he needs about 134 turns. I would give a rough estimate of 90. She would need about 44 extra turns, of which with adjacency would need 9 turns adjacent. Considering most aim to fly her up to Blaggi tower to aid him and Tiltyu, this is actually rather realistic. So these two are possible. Otherwise? I would imagine no way in hell.

Tiltyu-Pretty much how it works for anyone, 120+3. Needs about 127 turns just to fall in love with someone. With the love convo, it's impossible for her not to fall in love with Azel. However otherwise, 15 turns of her ass grabbed gets her to fall in love with someone, which could be completely accidental. You would have to spread your foot soldiers as to not have her be near too many at once for her to fall in love with someone else specifically (like Levin). Azel sounds the most realistc just on the basis that it's not much of a hassle.

Sylvia-No one cares, nore do I see it likely thanks to dancing.

Bridget-Possibly the most bizarre. Most of her growths are strange, but let's see how it all works out. Wierdly enough, she has 150+3s with Azel, Holyn and Jamka, 100+3 with Mideel. Let's focus on the other 3, due to being far more likely. Jamka I believe has a love convo with her, which would make it impossible for them to not fall in love. However, the other two only need about 118 or around that number. Considering that 90 is a rough estimate, it would only take 4 turns adjacent for these others. Really, it's not hard for her to select from one of these three. Question is, does Jamka outdo either of them as a father? Fuck no. As we know, Faval does not really change among fathers. Patty does however. She gets only skills that a thief cannot put to good use. From Holyn she gets sword rank, inheritence, and moonlight strike, along with far greater survival rates. Azel? Well, she inherits Pursuit. However, do remember that Azel is a mage knight. He promotes, he gets B swords, so he can actually pick up a magic sword. Patty then inherits this, and yes we get Patty, a thief with pursuit and with mage-like offense. This would actually let her be a pretty good magic chipper.

So in conclusion with my 40 turn rough estimate of chapter by chapter, the possible loves are this.

Edin-Mideel, no one else seems possible without sucking the kids up.

Ayra-Holyn, Lex is a maybe, whoever you glue to her for every turn (only other person I could possibly imagine her caring without killing efficiency about is Dew, Arden is a BIG maybe, Jamka wouldn't be bad I guess thanks to his insane skills)

Lachesis-Azel, Arden, Beowulf, Holyn

Bridget-Holyn, Azel, Jamka

Fury-Levin, Claude is a maybe

Tiltyu-Azel, Levin you have to be careful with.

Maybe I'm making mountains over molehills, but I think we should consider pairings that are realistic in an efficiency run, which includes part 1. Basically unrealistic fathers are-

Fin, Alec, Noish, Lex only has 1 option and if it's taken, he's fucked, same with Beowulf. Basically, the mounts.

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2 Re: Think of the children! on Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:36 am

It's a tier list for Generation 2 only.

We shouldn't care about whether a pairing is unlikely in the 1st Gen. unless it's something like Fin/Tiltyu, which I'm pretty sure is impossible, anyway.

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3 Re: Think of the children! on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:44 pm


If you think pairings are impossible just because of a # move gap, you're wrong. Chapters have a lot of idle time for people to sit around and do nothing but gain love points. For example, I'm currently on a _ranked_ run and I had Beowulf/Lachesis paired during Ch4 while Sigurd with Leg Ring was marching to Thove castle. Over the mountains, because getting Dew over there takes even longer.

I don't recall how long they had been together in Ch2, but I kept them near each other in Ch3 nearly all the time simply because there wasn't much else for Beowulf to be doing. The only opportunity cost to this pairing is that it withdraws Beowulf from the action in the chapter he's building love points in, but I didn't care much because his pre-promo fighting is mediocre (can't do range well, needs a good sword to do good damage) and I had 82093209 other people competing for the EXP.

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