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Desperate Housewives—Lovely Show!

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1 Desperate Housewives—Lovely Show! on Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:42 am

The writing of Desperate Housewives DVD really is good. There are complications after complications being piled on, which only intrigues the viewer more.Not a minute of an episode is wasted. And some of the lines are howlers. Bones DVD This is as good as a soap can get. Humor, drama, mystery, and it's all wrapped up in one fantastic package! "Desperate Housewives" is there to entertain, and it does so marvelously! Grey's Anatomy DVD Desperate Housewives is a tale of 5 women who all live down Wisteria Lane and all have there own little secrets. This show is the best show ever created. I love it so much. There are so many good storylines. Brothers and Sisters DVD Marc Cherry is the best person who ever lived. This show deserves every award there is. It is just so amazing and the storylines are so clever. Each season gets better and better. Criminal Minds DVD It's the perfect show. This is the only show that I ever went crazy over wondering what would happen next. Marc Cherry always surprises me. November Sweeps are especially clever. The Mentalist DVD Each episode is better than the one before. Although they are all friends they seen to find it hard when it comes to telling eachother there secrets. This show is totally one of the best, with a great line up and fantastic acting.

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