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Desperate Housewives--Wonderful Show!

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1 Desperate Housewives--Wonderful Show! on Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:31 pm

In some respects, Desperate Housewives DVD is the follow-up to the now departed 'Sex And The City.' While Carrie and her New York friends could dish about men, sex, men and sex, they were still trying to find their places in the world. The Mentalist DVD The women of "Housewives" are different. Each has made choices; each is facing the fallout from those decisions. And it should be noted the "Housewives" women are not young things. Medium DVD They're older, still darn good looking females with healthy sexual desires-a far cry from the confusing virgin/vamp persona of younger personalities such as Britney Spears. Middle age has never looked so attractive. It remains to be seen if 'Desperate Housewives' will be a long-lasting audience favourite, Family Guy DVD or a "flavour of the month" that crashes and burns after audiences tire of it. I hope this show never ends but, of course, it has to. My only hope is that either I'm too old to see anything on television by that time or it is replaced with something that I'll love just as much, if not more. Breaking Bad DVD I absolutely love this show! In fact, I love it so much I wish I were living right in the middle of Wisteria Lane so I could see the "goings on" of all the families there. Yeah, yeah I know.

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