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Hard 5 Mode / Merciless Tier List (Warpskip) [Please give this tier list to BB, Mekkah.]

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Vykan 12's tier list FAQ. Please read before posting!!

Full Warp H5 tier list
Skittles Tier:
- Barst
- Sheeda

- Zagaro
- Wolf
- Cord
- Draug
- Abel
- Cain
- Hardin
- Rena
- Merric

Upper Mid:
- Wendell
- Ogma
- Daros
- Bord
- Castor
- Caeser
- Roger

- Horace
- Jake
- Beck
- Athena
- Navarre
- Marth
- Minerva
- Jeigan
- Julian

Lower Mid:
- Tiki
- Rickard
- Nagi
- Gotoh
- Wrys
- Boah
- Jeorge
- Gordon
- Vyland
- Matthis

- Astram
- Linda
- Roshea
- Etzel
- Bantu
- Midia
- Maria
- Elice

- Chainey
- Dolph
- Radd
- Macellan
- Tomas
- Katua
- Paola
- Ymir
- Samson
- Arran
- Lorenz
- Est

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Katua > Julian.

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Paola > Matthis.

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Put Arran > Lorenz due to suggested Bishop utility.

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Tiki skyrocketed to above Dolph.

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Vyland in Low Mid, Tiki above Nagi.

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Rickard > Thomas
Linda > Boah
Caesar > Roger

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Oguma > Daros > Bord

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Barts in Skittles tier.

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Jake & Beck > Athena.

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Thieves at bottom of Mid.

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Katua & Julian in Mid, Rickard > Nagi & Gotoh, and Roger & Caesar in Upper Mid.

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Vyland, Matthis, and Roshe return to low tier due to new assumed Priest levels.

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Paola back into Lower Mid. Astoria > Dolph.

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Ymir, Katua, Paola, Arran, and Samson removed from the tier list.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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Putting the five back on the tier list.

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And now I've saved them all from limbo.

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Sheeda in Skittles

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Sending the characters back to limbo AGAIN.

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Chainey, Dolph, Radd, and Macellan to bottom tier.

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I do not intend on running this tier list anymore. SDS will be running what will be what this tier list used to be, and I will be giving this up to Beserker Blader.

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