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The death verdict

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1 The death verdict on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:17 am

There’s an angel living in Catherine’s heart although she met the ferocious devil in her life as she was diagnosed with cancer having only few months left in The Big C DVD. When someone receives a death verdict, regardless the fright and grief in heart, life might be turnaround in a good way if we hold adequate good mentality and brave enough to live a totally different rest life, much appreciate and deserve life than all the years passed by. After short term of frustration and loss feeling in The Big C Season 1 DVD, Catherine decides to make full use of her rest life definitely obey her own mind, say what her heart let her, do whatever her heart tell her, go anywhere her heart guide her…Life seems just begun at this moment, I mean a real meaningful life for herself and her beloved ones. A paradise always hidden in her heart, no pain, no complain, no sorrow, no argument, no intrigue, no hypocritical, full of flowers and soft breeze, just like the soft dreams she made when she was young. She’s very appreciate for the arrangement of destiny or she can never live a casual and free life like this, though time is limit, enough for her.

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