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The elements for success

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1 The elements for success on Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:26 am

Education is not the only criterion for success, proved by numerous success cases, especially tv show, like Suits DVD. Intelligence and diligent determine almost 80% of success, unfortunately, most of us are normal people with ordinary and indifferent brain, talent and intelligent are far from our life, so, the only determinant of success for us is diligent. As the quote goes “early birds catch the worms.” Despite of diligent and skilled professional knowledge, social relationship is a vital element to success due to that human beings are social animals and this is an era of mutual beneficial and win-win market, one’s courage and paranoid can’t lead us to the way of success. We need some friends with benefits, like Friends With Benefits DVD shows to us, take advantage of each other and help each other to achieve the common benefits aims, for that most friends we meet in social environment are associated with benefits. It’s an honor and appreciate thing for you to be used by someone for it proves that you are valuable instead of being ignored by everybody else. Friends With Benefits Season 1 DVD is a meaningful show deserving concentrating on. More information available at

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