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Impetuous world, pathological life

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1 Impetuous world, pathological life on Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:14 am

The impetuous life almost brings all people into crazy! Every people are looking for a way to vent himself as well as proving the value of existence, or at least struggling for making a living. The survival pressure leads to some strange disease on human being, not any on physical but also in psychological. The main character, Tara in United States of Tara DVD is a typical one who holds four totally different identities in life, sometimes, wild and flirty teenager T; sometimes, 1950s housewife Alice; sometimes, male, loud, beer-drinking Vietnam vet Buck; and another most weird identity, Gimme appeared at the end of episode six of United States of Tara Season 1 DVD. You can’t tell who the real Tara is, so couldn’t we in reality life. There is a psychology term to descript this issue, Split personality disorder. Everybody hold slim symptom in modern world. Coincidentally, Georgia in State of Georgia DVD holds another modern disease, named Paranoia, who is always immersed inside the dream of being a superstar, as so many teenagers have. No matter what, the spirit of Georgia in State of Georgia Season 1 DVD is commendable for that she can persist on her dream. Let’s bless those people who insist on their dreams and unswerving advancement.

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