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Life might be much tough than we thought before

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Life might be much tough than we thought before
There is a show focus on the life of an extreme mold struggling suburban Detroit high school baseball coach who resorts to male prostitution winning the audience’s attention. Hung DVD offers us a definitely new perspective on comedy drama, you can merely hard to find the humor points in Hung Season 1 DVD though it takes the comedy route for that it reveals the distort and isolated soul because of the struggling in tough life which make everybody into meditation and think about the cruel society life. Ray Drecker in Hung Season 1 DVD might not the only one who have no choice but sell his body for surviving, even worse, we are selling our soul and heart to the greedy and invincible society. I can’t be more understand the embarrass Tanya meet when she read her poem in front of her mother, tough life make her lost all inspiration on life that she can’t comprehend those wonderful sentences and words flashing though her mind. Life for Ray is much expensive and distance, but he just can’t figure out that and also think it is true love between impoverished himself and lonely rich lady. Hung DVD expose the truth of life to us and warn us wake up from those beautiful but unreal dreams, full of practical significance witch worth watching very much. Life might be much tough than we thought before.

Dexter DVD , Dexter Season 1 DVD

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