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Overcome the weakness of human nature

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1 Overcome the weakness of human nature on Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:44 am

Overcome the weakness of human nature
The most terrible things in this world might be the threaten of unknown things just like the survivals meet in Lost DVD, you can never forecast what will happened in next minute and you even can’t ultimate if you are a alive people of dead body while always threatened by miserable things around you, irresistible and powerful. By this and other unlisted reason, Lost Season 6 DVD can be commented as a suspense show. As a wonderful tv show, it can be comparable with prison break, the world famous tv show at that time. In order to survive, they have to overcome bad weather, search of food and water in the wild tropical jungle, and the mysterious biological warfare roaring in the night; more difficult is that they must overcome personal desires, eliminate barriers and points. Overcome the weakness of human nature might be more difficult and tough than just survive in the jungle. That’s also the essence Lost DVD showed to us which we can’t deny.

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