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This episode was very well formulated-------One Tree Hill

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After a year of ups and downs onOne Tree Hill DVD One Tree Hill, the end of the evening was certainly one of the episodes best season, wrapped up the season as well, provides information about the future of all the characters. Series finale-esque style, sense of the word because the decision to renewSopranos DVD CW OTH came just hours before the episode was done. However, it's official. Tree Hill and its inhabitants at the mercy of television, at least 13 more episodes.Above all, the final, which lasted a period of one year, focusing on the relationship The Tribe DVDof the characters, leaving most of the drama behind the show to give a clear end in case of cancellation.Haley is not only shows a mother now! Revelations of Brooke (Sophia Bush), loading and twins Brooke take the boys had done very well. Brooke Prison Break DVDand Julian (Austin Nichols) will be done next season! The authors certainly not the story of justice, fans Brooke pleasant than ever. Brooke has had difficulty both love and her family, so it is not only a loving and faithful husband, but two children is a miracle that we all can count on. The authors certainly delivered!It may not have brought the same enthusiasmThe Office DVD as in the finals the past, but we have a great taste of what to expect next season without a lot of cliff hangers and the like, and happy characters. This episode was very well formulated. Great job!

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