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1 Bastian on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:52 pm

Does he deserve his own tier?

35 hp, 12 str, 19 mag, 21 skl, 16 spd, 15 lck, 12 def, 20 res
55% hp, 40% str, 65% mag, 65% skl, 55% spd, 30% luck, 35% def, 50% res. 395 total for the curious.

57 base hit.

So, does anybody train Soren to A wind anyway?
25 mt, 147 hit.
31 mt against things vulnerable.
26 mt

Also, no AS loss from anything but Bolting and Rexbolt. He should have 5 levels by then, though, right? Surely he can hit level 18 by endgame.

Meteor gives 30 mt and 16 AS
Blizzard gives 27 mt and 16 AS, 35 mt against anything vulnerable
Bolting gives 32 mt and 15 AS

Chapter 24.
16 AS doubles 30 things in chapter 24 (out of 53/54, BK shouldn't count against him).
With Tornado he ORKOs 26 of them.
With Elthunder he ORKOs 28.
Meteor ORKOs the 29th, and its just the 30hp/17res sage that lives, since it has 12 AS. Bolting misses the double on 12 of the 30 he otherwise doubles.

Against physicals
2HKOd by 30+ mt: 5 enemies
3HKOd by 24 mt to 29 mt: 12 enemies
4HKOd by 21 mt to 23 mt: 17 enemies
5HKOd by 19 mt to 20 mt: 15 enemies
6HKOd by 18 mt: 3 enemies

6HKOd by the sage with 26 mt.

Chapter 25, lets say he got a level on his own in chapter 24 and we gave him some bexp (just 286 bexp). Or maybe slightly more if he didn't level on his own.
35 hp, 12 str, 19 mag, 21 skl, 16 spd, 15 lck, 12 def, 20 res
36 hp, 12 str, 20 mag, 22 skl, 17 spd, 15 lck, 12 def, 21 res

I'm assuming nothing else procd.

13 out of 32 doubled.

No hope on the bishops, needs 36 mt. Takes just 1 damage from the elthunder sage and needs 31 mt to ORKO. Meteor covers it. Against Bastian the bishops ping and 7HKO, respectively.

As for the 10 physicals,
30 mt is needed to ORKO 3 warriors, 32 to ORKO 1, 31 to ORKO another.
2 fighters are ORKOd by Tornado.
2 halbs are ORKOd by 27 mt (elthunder)
1 needs 29 mt.

Against physicals
doubled by 1 swordmaster and 1 raven
2HKOd by 30+ mt: 3 enemies (1 has 30 mt and doesn't 2HKO on the 57.75% chance Bastian got def, hp irrelevant)
3HKOd by 24 mt to 29 mt: 15 enemies (swordmaster that doubles will 2RKO and threatens crit) (2 cats 4HKO if B procs def)
4HKOd by 21 mt to 23 mt: 9 enemies
5HKOd by 20 mt: 1 enemy
6HKOd by 18 mt to 19 mt: 1 enemiy

Assume level 16 for chapter 26
35 hp, 12 str, 19 mag, 21 skl, 16 spd, 15 lck, 12 def, 20 res
55% hp, 40% str, 65% mag, 65% skl, 55% spd, 30% luck, 35% def, 50% res. 395 total for the curious.

36.65 hp, 13.2 str, 20.95 mag, 22.95 skl, 17.65 spd, 15.9 luck, 13.05 def, 21.5 res.
I'll go with mag and skl and hp and luck but not spd or res. (he does have boosts to hp, mag, and lck for fixed mode)

37 hp, 13 str, 21 mag, 23 skl, 17 spd, 16 luck, 13 def, 21 res.
No AS loss from Bolting.

27/33 mt with Tornado, 28 with Elthunder. 29/37 with blizzard, 32/43 with meteor, 34 with bolting
25/29 mt with Elwind.

chapter 26
19 enemies doubled out of 50

Strongest warrior needs 33mt. (3 guys, one of which not doubled)
Weakest needs 31 mt. (2 guys)
Last one needs 32 mt.
Sages need 34 and 33 mt to ORKO.
Bishop (no way, 37mt)

Strongest general needs 34mt. (1)
Next needs 33mt. (1)
32 mt. (1)
31 mt. (1)
30 mt. (1)

1 wyvern lord: 28mt
2 wyvern lords: 29 mt
2 wyvern lords: 30 mt
1 wyvern lord: 31 mt

37 hp/13 def/21 res
Bishops tink
Sages 7HKO
Bertram doubles and 3HKOs.

Against physicals
2HKOd by 32+ mt: 2 enemies (1 has a killer axe)
3HKOd by 26 mt to 31 mt: 26 enemies (including tigers) (only 1 swordmaster and no snipers)
4HKOd by 23 mt to 25 mt: 11 enemies
5HKOd by 21 mt to 22 mt: 3 enemies

I suppose maybe I should compare him to Lucia, but she starts at 36 hp and 10 def. He's got more concrete durability already, and 12 more res. At base she has 15 more avo then he does, and her spd/lck growths are higher, but she just has 15 str and I seriously don't think she's ORKO nearly as much as he is. Also, her 63 avo compared to his 48 avo is not nearly enough to offset the fact that most of her #HKOds are 2 lower than his. Also, he has a shot at some of the ranged tomes, and his normal attacks are 2 range, further emphasizing the durability difference between them. I don't see the need for a tier gap between them. Well, most of his doubling is in chapter 24, and he needs someone to pass him a weapon if we want anything more than Elwind on him, but still. And against laguz he may be doing more in one shot than Lucia in two (elfire, one wexp level from bolganone, meteor), though she does have two chances at critting in that case, and possible access to laguzslayers.

As for supports, Lucia has Ilyana, Janaff and Bastian
Bastian has Lucia, Mak, and Volke.

Volke is likely in use, and he has not other options. Also, it's 0/1/2.

Mak's other options are Astrid, Haar, and Bastian. Haar isn't exactly around much longer and if you use him he may go flying away at times, so Mak probably doesn't mind Bastian considering it is the same bonus anyway. Ilyana is full, Janaff is also a flier and probably not likely to be fielded. I think Bastian wins supports. At least, Mak and Volke don't have much choice in the matter and are both more likely to be fielded than Janaff and more likely to be open than Ilyana -> Zihark, Mordecai, Mia, even Gatrie.

Also, if Lucia and Bastian are both deployed then that's probably good for Bastian anyway since he's still winning concrete for a while anyway. She does have a better hp and def growth, but not by huge amounts.

So, since I restored the name of Titania's tier to what it was on the other two lists, I think if Bastian stays on his own in bottom he needs a new name for the tier since he's the only one. I request that posts suggesting Bastian stay in his own tier also come with a new name. Possibly something in a similar vein to Seinfeld tier, only instead of "she's so good it's funny", more like "he's so bad it's sad", like a really bad tv show/movie, or "he's so bad it's funny", like a movie/show that wasn't supposed to be funny but was because of how bad it was.

(poor bastian, nobody seems to care enough to respond)

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2 Re: Bastian on Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:41 pm

You just spent an entire post justifying Bastian back in bottom (ie the same tier as Lucia) then suggest he should keep his own tier anyway with a funny name.

Make up your mind?

Reccommended name: Pluto Nash tier

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3 Re: Bastian on Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:44 pm

Beverly Hills Cop 3 tier

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4 Re: Bastian on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:13 pm

Lucia is currently above Ena. Unless you suggest pushing Lucia below Ena back into bottom, the choice would be putting Bastian into the bottom of low. There is no rule that says you have to have a bottom tier. I'm not really seeing a tier gap between them. I was hoping someone could let me know what justifies the gap. Also, Ena starts with 19 AS transformed, though I suppose she does have a 60% growth and could get more quick. And of course 52 hp and 27 def is a lot more durability than Bastian. Still, I have to think that without a lot of bexp Ena won't be ORKOing any more than Bastian was doing earlier. Also he should be doing more damage to the Generals in the final chapter. Also, like all the other sages, he can use bolting on dragons from afar to weaken them for others. It's not like any of them will have the str + spd combination to double anything more than the 17 AS dragons in chapter 18, so he's not really stopping his betters from using bolting on the rest. Just a few points of magic.

The comment about the naming his tier thing was because I expected people to justify his being bad enough for his own tier. If that was the case, then I'd like to name it something other than bottom (if nobody objects to having a special name). It's not really a case of me not making up my mind. Well, it is, but I was hoping others would assist me in the process more than this.

Anyway, I actually somewhat liked Beverly Hills Cop III, so I'm more willing to go for Pluto Nash tier as it stands right now.

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5 Re: Bastian on Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:30 pm

I can definitely see Lucia a tier above Bastian. Doubling everything with crit > lol Bastian's doubling abilities. Plus if we can manage to find a support for Lucia (the cost of fielding Janaff, or Ilyana waiting to fill a slot) she gets quite durable. It's just a really big difference overall

I can't justify Ena being a tier above as well, since Ena has Mov/transform/more offensive issues. I might just move Basitan into the bottom of Low.

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6 Re: Bastian on Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:31 am

I can definitely see Lucia a tier above Bastian.

Just a LITTLE bit late to the party, pal, Bastian was moved to Pluto Nash tier ages ago.

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