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Two And A Half Men DVD

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1 Two And A Half Men DVD on Fri May 20, 2011 8:45 pm

See and hearTwo And A Half Men DVD a little 'comfort (maybe kinda sorta) that Sheen is apparently a joke.Recently separated from two and a half men, shooting video viral clearly not spent enough time to Sheen, the actor continues to be uneven interviews - including a radioHow I Met Your Mother DVD station K-Earth 101, which he regretted, or rather the "half- excuses, "co-star Jon Cryer male. (Earlier this week, Sheen waved the proverbial wizard wand Cryer, raving the actor is a "renegade, traitor and a troll")."I'm sorry for Jon now," said Sheen program. "I wasSopranos DVD in the mood, and I threw it on someone, I do not know, their -. Well, somehow he knew they were going to print it Yes, I knew they were going to print it confuse me ..."And just so we are completely baffled, too, then backtracked Sheen - half - to say sorry Cryer. "It's kind of One Tree Hill DVDsemi-apology. An Apollo," he joked.As for why blowing Cryer Sheen, who plays his brother in the CBS sitcom, 45, said: "The reason I was surprised because I had a text or a phone call or anything or say "Hey, buddy, invest, I have your back, or from me or they would return in question."According to People, Cryer explosion SheenThe Office DVD did not comment, but sources say the magazine that the actor has been sent to Sheen.

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