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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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Live with Friends, Just Buy Friends Seasons 1-10 Collection DVDs

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Friends, easily in my top five category of funniest and best shows in prime time history. I recommend this sitcom to anyone and everyone who just loves laughing and don't wish it to stop. I would also like to advice that never watch this show while having lunch or dinner as it can mess with your digestion because of the laughing. Wink

I've even bought the whole 'Friends' collection on DVD from BoxSetOffer (www/boxsetoffer/com). I've got every season on DVD. This sitcom, in my opinion, is the greatest sitcom of all time and it changed the TV world forever. I have recently finished watching all 10 seasons(DVDs) again recently. And I must say that this has been the best among all these funny TV-series I have watched.

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