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Weeds-Not only Funny

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1 Weeds-Not only Funny on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:20 pm

Weeds DVD season 4 is a very interesting beast, a drastic change in the way the show is done. Not appear to rotate more derision and pot dealing suburban soccer mom, but drug running (among other things) trade. Although this season seemed fresh (let's be honest, the idea began to take on an old), I also left some sort of hate the main character of Cold Case DVD. Although it has always been a moral person at the border trying to help his family, thrill seeker and immoral, this season really pushed him away from someone you care about. Sure, there for a moment of morality, but the reality is that they had to. Frankly, at this point, Nancy has continued to ignore their children, put them in danger, and brought the teenager who just wants to do to grow the pot, which is certainly not a young teen to have threesome sex.

So, all my complaints, because I'm giving this four stars? Well, the The Office DVD is still pretty funny, although I'm much more interested in Andy and Kevin Nealon as the Botwin clan character in Two and A Half Men DVD. I liked where most of the stories went, but I can not deny that I just do not know Nancy more. Almost every time he gets into trouble, it's his fault. He could take the game over and over again, but he stays with it, does not help his family, but his experiences. So if you get past the lack of sympathy, she was very funny.

Oh yeah, and Law and Order DVD looks great.

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