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Levin is overrated

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1 Levin is overrated on Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:03 pm

Vykan said:

The more I play, the more I think Levin is overrated. Before Holsety, he cannot double without a skill activation, his durability is suspect, and of course he doesn't have a mount ever. By the time he does get it, chapter 4 is basically done (only one castle left to seize), leaving chapter 5. But then you're basically forced to bumrush at the beginning so Sigurd can get the Tyrfing, so he can only keep up once you get to the desert part.

Yes Levin is awesome, but 3rd best? Sylvia is quite easily better IMO.

My analysis is I agree. He is reliant on the ring to consistently kill Holsety or no, and we punish Noish and Cuan for that, Levin should be feeling the heat, too.

I could see him falling to Mid tier even [but IMO that tier is way oversized] but baby steps.

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2 Re: Levin is overrated on Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:27 pm

I tend to agree. Holyn is below him, yet is one rounding a lot of stuff with just stuff like the Steel Blade (such as basically any unpromoted mounted unit in Ch. 2, meaning all the Free Knights with Voltz and everything with Zain, plus all the dudes at Mackily, etc.). Plus since Levin has to recruit Fury he's not going to be seeing combat pretty much at all other than the 3-4 bandits he kills, the 4 Pegs he kills, and the arena, so he basically only has 3 chapters of availability (although saving the Bargain Ring is very nice).

Although with the Pursuit Ring Levin pretty 2 shots a lot of stuff and has massive Continue activation for whatever's left since enemy Res is as much of a joke as PC Res. He's got great Avoid even without Holsety so the few enemies that don't counter probably won't hit anyway since lolhand axe and loljavelin hit rates. However, Cuan wants the Pursuit Ring so that he can 2 round in Ch. 3, and since he's freaking Cuan the stuff Levin gets but he misses is made up for Cuan's mount getting him there sooner.

Levin DOES get Staves after promoting, which is obviously useful, but since at this point we have Reserves and Libros for the 5 move scrubs it's not that useful, plus Fury and Lachesis potentially as well, so it's not as useful as it would've been in, say, Ch. 1 or 3.

Lolsety lets him outright one shot the Axe and Arch Knights in 5, but that's about it unless he grabs a Magic Ring, which lets him also get the mages and axe armors and maybe the lance/bow ones with Reptor (although since they don't attack him since he's rofflelevin and it's quicker to just kill Reptor that probably doesn't matter much). However, he does have ~23% crit and 65% Continue, so he still has like a 75% chance of killing... pretty much anything. So Holsety makes him a god for like 1.5 chapters, but before that he's underperforming due to no Pursuit and competition with Cuan and Noish for it (although as mentioned in the Noish topic, Noish has serious doubling issues in Ch. 4 even with it...). However, units like Holyn and Ayra are owning just as hard (just not at 1-2 range, but Levin's Avoid is so high it's like he has Stillness).

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