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Horace Down On Warpskip?

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1 Horace Down On Warpskip? on Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:09 am

Well considering he now has 2 chapters of availability I doubt that puts him above someone like Jeigan who has at least 2 chapters where he's the best unit and a couple more where he's very helpful.

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2 Re: Horace Down On Warpskip? on Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:12 am

Horace generally needs to move down, period. Warpskip or not, he essentially DOES have two chapters of availability [Getting doubled +meh def for a gen=not good] before he becomes obsolete.

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3 Re: Horace Down On Warpskip? on Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:14 am

I'm trying to cover it with the Jeigan up topic (technically I want Jeigan and him to switch places), but I was trying to babystep it until I hit Horace.

As for lategame, I have to look at my write-up on Horace again because IIRC he does okay with a DracoShield.

EDIT: Found it.
Now this is base Horace, mind you. Obviously he has the opportunity to level up. Saying that he gains a level per chapter (let's also include C15 as a Hero), he has a grand total of 8 chapters to improve. So since he starts at Level 3, let's say he's --/11 with a single Hero level-up. This is his "average", btw:

36.8 HP | 16.3 Str | 14.9 Skl | 9.0 Spd | 8.2 Luck | 19.6 Def | 3.0 Res

Though a General is designed for tanking, this isn't half bad. The Def will probably round up, so he's good to go there. Paladins with neutral coverage (26-27 Atk) prop up 24 or 28 damage per round, which is a 2RKO... but it's not a ORKO. Considering the average durability is about 2-3RKOed, this is pretty good. Paladins are the fiercer units. Now let's say he gets his Def point and C21 arrives. Pegasi tink him and DracoKnights do about 8 damage with Braves. Not bad in all honesty. Then, considering that he has Bow rank built up, he could plop Silver potshots on the DracoKnights and Pegasi; making him an efficient killer. Further proof that Horace is at least capable of being decent lategame assuming that you can pour some levels onto him.
The entire thing

Though 11 Horace is kind of hard to assume. Could stand to drop.

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