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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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1 Roger>Garo on Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:59 am

I think Roger needs to rise a lot further, but I'll start here.

So Garo pretty much stinks. He has a grand total of 4 move, meaning he's not really helping out the team at all when your team has anywhere from 1-4 more move then him. He's also locked to axes, which don't really give him access to decent 2 range, thanks to his poor skill/their poor hit. However, we'll just look at Roger and Garo when Roger first joins in Map 7.

Garo 10*: 38 HP, 12 Str, 5 Skl, 11 Spd, 7 Def
Roger 5*: 29 HP, 10 Str, 14 Skl, 11 Spd, 8 Def

Now the formula for hit in this game is Sklx3 + Weapon Hit. That means that Garo has 15 Base Hit, while Roger has 42. Roger can easily get reliable two range in a weapon like the Piluim. This will push his base accuracy to over 100, and his offense will be solid at 22 Atk. Meanwhile, Garo's base accuracy will be 69 with the Hatchet. This is really not reliable at all.

Roger also has a few other significant advantages over Garo. He has access to swords if he prefers a weapon that won't net him a significant AS loss (although lances would be the superior choice in almost every scenario). He has double Garo's move, meaning he can get from place to place in a much more convenient fashion. He has the Big Shield and Gale skills, letting him avoid damage completely in some situations. He also gets Wrath 10 levels before Garo does. Roger will easily have access to the Gale+Wrath combo, and coupled with 8 move, lances, and the previously mentioned Big Shield skill, Roger's advantages move then outweigh Garo's advantages.

Garo's only really advantages now are a higher strength growth, and speed growth. However, Roger's strength is almost always more then significant, and Garo's spd caps at lol 18, which Roger reaches only shortly after Garo does.


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2 Re: Roger>Garo on Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:30 am

I concur. 1005%. Garo sucks, I'm not sure what's keeping him out of Low.

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