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[FE] Jeigan Up

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1 [FE] Jeigan Up on Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:44 am

Who would've ever thought? Well in all honesty a lot of the characters above him would likely drop, but I guess it's not unfair to start with just him rising.
- Horace
- Jake
- Beck
- Athena
- Navarre
- Marth
- Minerva
- Jeigan

- Minerva joins a grand total of 10 chapters after Jeigan does, 11 if we go through 6X. From there, Minerva's positives are limited. As a DracoKnight she has Hauteclere for offense and the possibility of a Speedwing helps her case. She can at least wield Ridersbane later on once it's available, but at that point the game is nearing an "over".

- Marth is pretty much a seizebot with attributes of having Rapier for Cavalier offense. Armor Knigts count to an extent, but in all honesty he's an iffy situation with that because he likely takes a counterattack in that situation. Marth just needs a Cavalier chipped in order to do that. Marth > Jeigan seems possible, but Marth also has "meh" earlygame when Jeigan's around and Marth doesn't really start to pull positives until C4 when it's possible to forge the Rapier. Marth might have a chance to double Cavaliers later on, but it's unlikely as he has to reach Level 15 as fast as possible.

- Navarre and Athena only have an offensive advantage if they stay as Myrmidions, and even then they are pretty mediocre. To compare, Navarre can't double 9 AS Cavaliers until Level 7, but he only has 6.2 Str as well so -2 AS from the Steel Sword sucks. The Silver Sword is a possibility, but it has competition with Ogma / reclassed Jeigan (reclassed Jeigan has 14 Spd as a Swordmaster and C+ Swords, so B is not that far away). Navarre and Athena still have to answer to Ridersbane's calling, which they'll fail for a long time (esp. Athena).

I think that's as far as I'll go for now. To compare his base stats in each class:

Paladin - 22 hp | 7 str | 1 mag | 10 skl | 8 spd | 1 luk | 9 def | 6 res
Swordmaster -  22 hp | 5 str | 1 mag | 16 skl | 14 spd | 1 luk | 7 def | 3 res
DracoKnight - 20 HP | 8 Str | 1 Mag | 10 Skl | 8 Spd | 1 Luck | 11 Def | 3 Res
Sniper - 24 hp | 7 str | 1 mag | 13 skl | 10 spd | 1 luk | 8 def | 3 res
Bishop - 22 hp | 1 str | 3 mag | 7 skl | 5 spd | 1 luk | 4 def | 8 res
I might need to do comparisons with Navarre / Athena, but I'm guessing over Minerva is definitely a possible start unless we outweigh her midgame contribution to Jeigan's earlygame.

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2 Re: [FE] Jeigan Up on Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:23 pm

Agreed with this, for whatever my opinion's worth.

I'd probably start with Beck before anyone else, he's not even recruited until Ch 13, so he only has like one and a half chapters of existence, versus Jeigan being useful for atleast the first five chapters and particularly awesome in the first 2-3. Though this might be more of an indication that Beck needs to drop than an indication that Jeigan should rise.

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3 Re: [FE] Jeigan Up on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:44 am

I'd say Jeigan should just switch places with Horace. Looking at everything, Low Mid needs to be re-arranged, though one of the things that would likely happen is Horace dropping like a rock. Maybe I should rename this topic to "Rearrange Low Mid"?

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4 Re: [FE] Jeigan Up on Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:19 am

Horace should probably drop into Lw Mid, Beck too. There availability becomes way too crappy when we warpskip.

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