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H5/Merciless Tier List (Warpless)

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1 H5/Merciless Tier List (Warpless) on Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:25 am

Vykan 12's tier list FAQ. Please read before posting!!

H5 Specific Rules for this Thread

Warp may not be used to finish a chapter prematurely (No Warp-skipping)

Given the potential to skip up to half of the game with the Warp staff, Warp use is limited on this tier list. Discussion involving warp-skipping of chapters is to be directed to the Warp tier list.

All chapters will be considered to last for as long as it takes for Marth to reach the Seize Point on foot. Warp may not be used to reduce the duration of a chapter below this amount. Any other usage of the Warp staff is entirely legitimate.

Every character should opt to play in some efficient manner, even if it will not result in the lowest possible turn count.
Warp should only directly favor characters that can use it. Two characters compared should result in who can bring a lower turn count, as opposed to how well they do in the lowest possible turn count playthrough (if that makes sense).

WiFi Online Shop is not assumed
Because WiFi may not be available (playing on emulator, or not near an access point), or certain weapons in the shop itself may not even be available, the online shop isn't assumed for this tier list.

WiFi Battle performance is disregarded
This is a separate tier list entirely due to how WiFi Battles emphasize different approaches to characters.

Arena abuse is completely ignored
Arena abuse is completely disregarded due to how it makes most characters the same, and is considered borderline cheating.

While it may be possible to score a level up or two while going for the throne, making it not abuse, we can't assume the arena is going towards any specific character over others, since that would be favortism towards a single unit.

All Gaiden chapters are assumed except 24x

24x is only optional to allow for the tiering of Gotoh, but all other Gaiden chapters are assumed to be included in a standard playthrough.


H5 Specific Conditions (these are not rules as they're subject to question)

Two characters competing for a Master Seal are compared as having gotten it for stat comparison.
This doesn't negate opportunity cost for taking the Master Seal if a character is being compared to a pre-promote, especially if there is large competition where a significant number of characters win in stats.

Characters are either compared though averages, BOTH getting RNG screwed, or BOTH getting RNG blessed
Personal experience means nothing. Just because Roshe gets 20 speed and Barts having 12 strength at 20/20 doesn't mean that you've somehow bested the system and can claim the whole tier list crumbles due to the random nature of level ups. If you absolutely must bring the RNG into level ups, compare both characters as getting poor stats or both as getting great stats, and compare who ends up better in the end.

Availability is a major factor concerning a character's use of powerful weapons and stat boosters.
Pretty self explanatory. Characters with excellent availability on powerful weapons or stat boosters, even if they have to share them, are weighed more favorably than those that come after the weapon or stat booster exists.

The 'rest of the team' is assumed to have ideal traits a unit should have, and not comprised of multiple weak units
This can include doubling, able to take hits, the ability to use weakness hitting weapons, and healing.

Also, character discussion up till now hasn't accounted for Zagaro & Wolf's presence, so characters' aren't belittled by their abilities.

Come up with whatever works.

Standard H5 tier list
Skittles Tier:
- Zagaro
- Barst
- Wolf
- Sheeda

- Cord
- Draug
- Abel
- Hardin
- Cain
- Merric

Upper Mid:
- Wendell
- Ogma
- Daros
- Bord
- Castor
- Caeser
- Roger

- Rena
- Horace
- Jake
- Beck
- Athena
- Navarre
- Marth
- Minerva
- Jeigan
- Katua
- Julian

Lower Mid:
- Tiki
- Rickard
- Nagi
- Gotoh
- Chainey
- Wrys
- Boah
- Paola
- Jeorge
- Gordon
- Dolph
- Astram

- Vyland
- Matthis
- Linda
- Ymir
- Radd
- Macellan
- Roshea
- Etzel
- Bantu
- Midia
- Maria
- Elice
- Samson

- Tomas
- Arran
- Lorenz
- Est

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2 Re: H5/Merciless Tier List (Warpless) on Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:28 pm

Don't forget that you need to note your changes with a post. See Rody for the example. =/

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