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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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For now, the last thread/big post about Warp, Warpskip, tier split, etc

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Apparently Int somehow started a French Revolution by skipping half of the game and everyone went crazy about moving things around. About 4 new threads and 10 new big posts went in the air with all sorts of radical proposals of change. Please take a deep breath and read this.

By mostly popular demand, we'll be doing two lists. One that assumes half the game is indeed skipped with Warp, in favor of an extremely low turn count. It'll be the kind of list with staffers (most notably Lena) extremely high, and everyone who doesn't have some sort of decent performance during the first 15 chapters can instantly be trashed down to Bottom tier. IOS has been asked to run this one.

The old one will largely stay the same. It won't entirely bar out Warp. The rule regarding Warp usage is (for now): Only when it would get the player an item or character that could not be gotten without Warp at all, and otherwise it doesn't exist. This will be done from the old list, and if anything I can see the opposite effect: staffers dropping, etc.

It is a compromise. The first one adheres to strict efficiency, while the second one promotes discussion.

Now, you can post all the "thieves down boah up" threads...but it's pretty useless, so I recommend against it.

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I've decided, after just one discussion on IRC about how characters are affected by warp, that the potential "Warpskip" tier list sucks too.

For that, I say this.

We're going the middle ground. Its disadvantages can be shot down within arguments themselves.

I just think the only changes should be that

1) Late game wins become less important (As mentioned before, 20 AS by C20 isn't as essential)
2) Characters with access to C staves with little effort move up (Boa for example,
This is how it will be for the standard H5 tier list. There can still be a warpless tier list as people request.

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Okay, this still isn't clear. The guidelines that FE3 posted are not consistent with the standards for either of the two lists that Mekkah proposed; Mekkah's post clearly leaves no middle ground between the two separate lists. So which one is it?

For now I'll just be going with what Mekkah said I guess, since first off it makes more sense, and second as Int pointed out in another topic, it's his house.

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The guidelines that FE3 posted are not consistent with the standards for either of the two lists that Mekkah proposed; Mekkah's post clearly leaves no middle ground between the two separate lists. So which one is it?
Neither. We tried out Warpskip tier list. It was terrible. I'm not going to accept specializing the H5 tier list in such a manner.

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Where was it tried out? It was never even posted or discussed beyond BB posting a quick rough draft of such a list.

Who decided that it was terrible? I'm guessing someone besides just you, otherwise you likely wouldn't be posting this.

More importantly, are we going to get a warpless tier list or not? A "middle ground" still makes no sense, but as long as there's a warpless one to discuss instead, w/e.

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IOS agreed that he would run the other tier list, but he never made the topic so I'm going to assume we're not having a Warpless tier list.

And it was on IRC where I realized that discussion in a Warp centric tier list sucks.

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So we're stuck with only a middle ground list, because IOS was appointed to run a warpless list and yet won't make a topic for it, while you decided that an actual Warp-based list sucks (and honestly, I don't disagree with you there, but I still think that the "middle ground" is inconsistent).

Can I volunteer to run a warpless list, then?

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People in IRC voted against you running a tier list. No offense. I know one other person (one that has expressed interest in running the Warpless tier list) that I will ask.

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Are we a DEMOCRACY now then?

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More like a MONARCHY.

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Well fuck. ;_;

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Since IOS is running the Warp tier list, and FE3 is passing on the Warpless one, I'm starting the new Warpless tier list. If someone can unsticky/delete the old one from FE3 and sticky my new one that'd be cool.

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I'm actually running the "warp" tier list (which I am modifying to not specialize Warp so much).

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