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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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Caeda to Skittles tier

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1 Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:36 pm

Int's run's are proving to be having quite an effect on us here.
And looking at it,this seems to be the logical solution.
Here is the thread for reference:

I would even see her above Zagaro,like Barst,but Skittles tier is the first benchmark.

Any thoughts?

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2 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:39 pm

I think Int wanted to make this topic at some point.

I'm pretty sure it's been agreed that Shiida > Cord since Cord contributes nowhere near as much as Shiida does, regardless of slight early-game superiority. I'm kinda wondering why Cord's so high anyway.

To summarise; don't worry about Cord, Shiida's right below Skittles anyway.

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3 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:59 pm

No change will be made until Int makes this topic.

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4 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:10 pm

I don't oppose this [well I DO, but I'm outnumbered by 10 so I won't even bother], but it does overlook that Barst can instablick a good deal of the lategame bosses Shiida does.

I'm just saying.

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5 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:18 pm

I don't oppose this [well I DO, but I'm outnumbered by 10 so I won't even bother],
Which is why I'm not allowing anyone but Int to make an opening statement, unless they themselves can make a solid argument for the case. How do you argue against a bunch of cheerleaders that would floor you at Scene It? You don't, it's wiser to argue against the head coach making the calls.

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6 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:34 pm

I did want to make this thread, but now that's it's here I'll add some of the arguments that it sorely needs.


Caeda's performance is the elephant in the room in this tier list. She does more for efficient completion than any combatant on the list other than Barst, and even that one is touch-and-go during certain points in the game, particularly later on.

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first: Caeda's durability is poor, with her standard performance being 2RKO'ed with a chance of getting OHKO'ed by particularly strong enemies. She is also weak to bows in her most useful class type, which is deal-able when enemies are using Iron weapons, but turns into OHKOs when they use Steel or Silver. She also has low mt, owing to low base STR and growth. Next up is... oh wait, that's it, I fit all of her downsides in one goddamn paragraph. Everything else in this post is delicious gravy.

What Caeda does for the team: she has early flying utility when it's sorely needed. Nobody even has access to flying until a prepromote can reclass or you pick up Lena, and the utility of having these alternate units fly around is situational at best since they lack both Caeda's SPD and her punch.

Caeda has an utterly hax PRF weapon that has the capability to insta-blick Cavs/Horsemen/Armors, and ORKO Paladins and Generals. All that's required to unlock its potential is a forge, either to +4 (miserly panty-waist version) or to +5 (balance-destroying blick-monster version). Seeing as it has base 90 HIT and Caeda's SKL and LCK growths can only be described as "holy shit, did they accidentally double those growths by accident?", it's accurate enough without any extra HIT included. This is a large chunk of your early cash, but it pays off immediately and forevermore.

Caeda also has king SPD. Like, she's so fast that if she's not doubling, nobody is. If Caeda doesn't double, you're either in the first couple of chapters or you're fighting Medeus. She is the only unit in the game that is both useful and also has a near-100% chance of 30 AS as a Swordmaster.

The PRF weapon, in addition to humiliating some of the most dangerous enemies you'll ever run into, combines with her beastly SPD to make her quite possibly the best boss-killer in the game. Unless it's a Pirate, Shooter, or a Manakete that shows up pre-Swordmaster, she will fuck it up like it's her job. This is key for Warp-skips and fast clears, because you can't Seize until you remove that idiot standing on the tile, and they tend to be tanky or fast or both.

Did I mention that she destroys Manaketes? Caeda makes everyone else's Manakete countermeasures look like playing in the sandbox. All you have to do is give her a forged Wyrmslayer as a Swordmaster (auto C-rank, no training required), and it's lights out for the lizard-man.

And as if that weren't enough, Caeda's LCK stat makes her a prime candidate for Devil weapons. Putting a 17mt weapon in the hands of someone who doubles everything is a terribly convenient way to overcome their STR deficiencies.

The only legitimate gripe that anyone can make about Caeda is her durability. But this is not a reason to keep her out of Skittles, this is a reason for her not to be three breaks over Barst as the sole occupant of JESUS TIER. If Caeda was 3-4HKOed like Barst, she'd be soloing the damn game. Never mind that she CAN become durable, through the magic of promotion (gogo +4HP and +5 DEF) and limited-use stat boosters (Robe, Dracoshield), even to the point of being able to handle Brave Weapon enemies in Ch. 20+.

Her use of resources is not a huge problem, since they have to go somewhere and investment into her pays off like whoa, like getting shares of Microsoft shortly after Bill Gates was still working out of his garage.

Caeda for Skittles. She is easily one of the top three combatants in the game, and I would personally nestle her right between Barst and Sedgar. But if that move would make people cut themselves, she at least need to GTFO of High, she's beating the likes of Cord and Cain so badly that she's going to kick everyone into Upper Mid unless she moves up.

Taste the rainbow.

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7 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 3:40 pm

Just to add, the major reason that Caeda's durability is such a non-issue is because of the kind of challenges that this game throws at you.

Enemies are extremely powerful, and very low-density. The same thing that makes bow-users good in this game also makes Caeda invaluable. Instead of taking half your army to take down one guy, risking misses and counters, Caeda just flies in and OHKOs the poor bastard. The effect that this has on efficient play is profound. Compare the accuracy, uses, and flexibility of Hammers/Ridersbane to Wing Spear: it's not even on the same planet.

Her durability is Good Enough<tm> to do what needs to be done. If there are two things that she can OHKO, and at least one of them is 1-range, you can generally fly her right in, all alone, and she can wipe them both, freeing up your army for anything else that you want. She can also flying around near-death, without needing a heal, killing things, so long as you keep her out of harm's way. Works for both 2-range and OHKOs with PRF.

About Barst also being able to take out bosses, this is true, but Caeda takes out more than he can, and her mobility as a Draco allows her flexibility that you don't have with him. Also keep in mind that Barst's SPD comes almost entirely from Hero, and he has no fallback if he is borderline (and he will be, if you are going quickly).

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8 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 5:27 pm

Yeah, pretty much agree with all of that.

I think right below Barst sounds good. Speaking of which, Wolf probably isn't good enough to stick around in High, but thats another argument.

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9 Re: Caeda to Skittles tier on Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:27 pm

So I was right. PK Shiida rules.

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