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Catria and Palla in the same tier is reasonable

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I did a comparison with Palla and Catria, so I guess just look at it if you'd like. Granted, it won't be as in-depth as I would've last night, but it'll give you some semblance:

Looking at base Palla and Catria, Palla has leads in HP by 2, Str by 1, rank by 1, and the rest are tied or don't really matter (like Luck for instance). Catria w/Steel Lance can ORKO Mages as can Palla w/Silver Lance; however, Catria's Steel Lance weighs her down to 10 AS, which can actually get her doubled by the Wyverns. Now, Palla w/Silver Lance has 21 Atk. The DracoKnights are 4RKOed by this and can't double her. As for the Bishops, Catria can actually miss with her 18 Atk w/Steel Lance as the Bishops can have 29 HP | 4 Def, or 30 HP | 4 Def if it's the Worm Bishop. Catria cleanly ORKOes.

So here, Palla is the winner.

In 15, Catria is going to fail to double with the Ridersbane and so is Palla. Allow me to express that, in order for them to OHKO Cavaliers they need +5 Mt on that Ridersbane, or 9500 gold down the toilet. Yeah, double whammy. But to be fair, the flight helps them a little bit. Unfortunately they can't fly off on their own really, but you get the picture: they need massive favoritism in the form of Gold in order to do it. Anyway, since Palla is the stronger of the units (forget Catria, 19 Atk w/Steel sucks), Palla 4RKOes Generals, Heroes, and DracoKnights still. She fails to OHKO the Priest, but nothing too hard to look away from. Catria can IIRC as she has a slight chance to double if she wields Iron (14.95 AS). Otherwise, the weiner should be pretty clear in Palla as she stands a chance to hit everything else.

Now let's say that I favor them some more in 16 and give both a seal.

12/1 Palla - 28.4 HP | 13.2 Str | 10.8 Skl | 14 Spd | 5.4 Luck | 14 Def | 3.4 Res

Silver Lance (A Rank) - 28 Atk

10/1 Catria - 27 HP | 12.25 Str | 11 Skl | 16.25 Spd | 9 Luck | 14.25 Def | 3.25 Res

Silver Lance (B Rank) - 26 Atk

So Catria's AS is slightly superflous in this chapter except in one instance: vs. Hero. Yes, you read that right. Both get doubled by the Thieves (Palla takes the least damage thanks to A Rank), and Catria fails to ORKO the Bishops with a Javelin. Both can take on the Mamkutes, both hate the Snipers. But here's the problem:

(Also thanks to Rody for helping me out here):

Notice the Snipers block most of the combat here. To the west they can't be within certain areas of the corridoors or be doomed to be hit hard. In the east they cannot combat the Bishops sitting there with the VIP card.

So as you can see, it's probably a draw here.

Chapter 18. Again, Catria's AS is superflous here except for doubling the Cavaliers. Aside from that, they both OHKO Horseman and both 2RKO Paladins + the boss. Oh yeah, Est is obviously ORKOed. Go that! So Catria probably pulls out a win here, finally.

Chapter 19. Palla getting 15 AS prevents her to be doubled by the enemies on this map. As for durability, both are probably tied at this point and offensively Palla is technically beating Catria anyway due to the +Str figures. To hand you an idea: 12/3 Palla has 29 Atk while 10/3 Catria has 28. Nothing major really. Both take ~10 damage from the Silver Sword Mercenaries, which Palla can only win if she's 12/4 IIRC. The Hero does double Palla. At best Catria wins.

So as you can see, Palla pulls wins in two chapters, ties in two (one if we disregard Gaiden), and Catria wins in two plus perhaps... the rest of the game? Catria has to be 10/7 to double the Paladins, which might be possible, I guess. The problem is at this point we have Hammerne + 3 Warps (4 if we count 17X, but it's not necessary unless you broke 1 of them), so the weight here isn't significant.


As for a tier? Dunno, that's up to interpretation of how much weight is put into lategame figures.

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I know we're still stomaching the Warp discussion (which is possibly another reason why this was disregarded for the time being), but I think (note: not 100% sure) I got Rody / BB to go with this but I'll post it here anyway. On top of this comparison, assuming that we are following the new rules:
1) Late game wins become less important (As mentioned before, 20 AS by C20 isn't as essential)
I don't feel that Catria can be defined as a Mid tier character for this reason seeing as her more momentous wins are much later in the game (take a look at Palla vs. Catria above for an example).

If we do the seperate tier list which disregards warpskipping / had all gaidens included, I think Catria in Mid Tier is more than fine. Though this tier list hasn't really been "started" yet, so the grounds for that are unsure. I'm guessing it won't fly as we're taking the middle ground (and to be honest, everyone can plop themselves as Snipers lategame or Hunters can go Warrior or General and pull out wins period provided Warriors get a small compensation in the form of Speedwing). Obviously we could adapt more of lategame, but that should be left for a seperate discussion.

For the tl;dr version: new tier list should have Catria in Low Mid tier under Nagi / Gato I'd say. Any objections?

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