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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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Perhaps I could do with a hiatus from the site?

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Clearly lately I have not been at my A game (...or B game, I at least had a B game). This is a site where people were hand picked as the better of the tier list arguers, and currently I do not think I am that at this point. I'm honestly surprised that I was chosen, yet honored, but I do think that I have gotten a bit worse lately. So, I will take a breather. Will still comment, but don't expect me suggesting anything myself unless as a sort of side note deal (crowd sighs a breath of relief).

This isn't just some dramatic bullshit, just me saying this sight perhaps gives too much freedom and I'm abusing the hell out of it beyond my rights. Not leaving, just taking a breather to get my head straight cause clearly I react too fast to a blip discovery. Clearly, I must work on that, and I will.

...Now awkwardness sets in.

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well that was a quick hiatus

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sPortsman wrote:well that was a quick hiatus

From making topics I meant. I will still put a thought or two in other topics, but I won't be making my own arguments for anything anytime soon.

...Or perhaps hiatus is the wrong word. Either way, I think I had it coming to have to publicly announce that I'm gonna somewhat shut the fuck up for a while.

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