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So there is to be expected turncounts, eh?

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1 So there is to be expected turncounts, eh? on Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:05 pm

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Well, should let you all know something. *Ahem* Cain and Abel might be in trouble.

Why? Well, to double consistantly, the level Abel, the faster of all the cavs, needs to be level 15. He is fine, however. C rank is easy for him, forging a Bane will allow him some of the earliest OHKO cav slaying outside of Hardin. But, that thing will break eventually, nor is he the only one who can use it.

Cain however, has no real excuse outside of dismounting and putting his sword rank to use. Otherwise, he's able without the sword rank who has to wait all the way until level 17 to hit that 14 AS.

What does this say about Kain? Well, the difference between him and Matthis until basically promotion levels is that Matthis with his D lance base is having a far easier time getting to C than Kain is, and eventually Matthis will get a durability lead. Basically, Kain's only winning by 2 Str otherwise. Outside of speed letting Cain not suck while dismounted, there is very little difference between Cain and Matthis until Cain hits level 17, which is an insane amount of time with them being similar.

So, if we're gonna be serious about this, Cain being as high as he is better be based on him being a myrmidon. Otherwise, I could easily see him dropping under Ogma.

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51 Re: So there is to be expected turncounts, eh? on Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:16 pm

sPortsman wrote:
I still stand by my idea that it's only imposing more risk to make Cain use lances early on, which is bad for how much of a luckfest it is early on.

onoes 80 [92.20] displayed hit on Pirates

He can get D before Matthis joins, easy.

Or we could use swords and completely erase the possibility.

Swords also allow Cain to use the terrain to make the enemy have to flip coins.

Perhaps it's just me, as I could miss several times in a row with 95 displayed, but in this game's earlygame, it's better to make luck be on your side as much as you can rather than working against it.

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52 Re: So there is to be expected turncounts, eh? on Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:32 am

Its irrelevant anyways, because Cain can get D Lances part way through Chapter 4 WITHOUT using lances on axe users.

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