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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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Hawkeye > Dart

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1 Hawkeye > Dart on Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:59 pm

From SF:

Funnily enough Dart can promote at pretty much the exact same time that Hawkeye joins. Bad news for Dart is that he's pretty crappy when he first shows up and you don't want to use him in the coming chapters if you don't have to. He's probably better off gaining two levels in his join chap and then benching for a while.

10/1 Dart: 14.3 Str, 10.2 Spd, 13 Con----39.4 Hp, 8.4 Def, 3.3 Res, 24.1 Avo, 3.7 CEV
Base Hawkeye: 18 Str, 11 Spd, 16 Con----50 Hp, 14 Def, 10 Res, 35 Avo, 13 CEV

And this is assuming that blowing that 25K on Dart's promotion doesn't hurt you in the least bit. Yeah, I'd say Hawkeye wins.

Even if you complain that this is somehow unfair to Dart, let's say 14/1 if he gets used in those chaps between 19 and 23.

14/1 Dart: 16.9 Str, 11.6 Spd, 13 Con----42.2 Hp, 9.2 Def, 3.9 Res, 28.3 Avo
Base Hawkeye: 18 Str, 11 Spd, 16 Con----50 Hp, 14 Def, 10 Res, 35 Avo

I'd still say Hawkeye wins.

Then Weapons responded with:

This is just at Hawkeye's join time though,

20/4 Dart:
48 hp, 22 str, 12 skl, 18 spd, 8 lck, 11 def, 5 res
--/12 Hawkeye:
54 hp, 21 str, 16 skl, 13 spd, 16 lck, 16 def, 13 res

Hawkeye's still got that nice def and slight hp lead, but Dart's offense is developing into something which Hawkeye's never getting.

Which was followed by:

20/4 Dart has to put up with more time of being unpromoted in exchange for those higher later stats. Compare 14 Dart to base Hawkeye without the promotion item.

Taking 14/1 Dart again, let's say maybe 14/10 Dart and 11 Hawkeye later.

14/10 Dart: 22.75 Str, 17 Spd, 13 Con----48.5 Hp, 11 Def, 5.25 Res, 42.25 Avo
11 Hawkeye: 20.8 Str, 12.8 Spd, 16 Con----53.5 Hp, 15.4 Def, 12.5 Res, 41.4 Avo

So instead of Hawkeye ripping Dart to shreds, it simply turns into offense vs defense. Not impressed, and still going with Hawkeye overall.

Don't really see how Dart wins.

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2 Re: Hawkeye > Dart on Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:38 pm

I do not like Hawkeye, and frankly I see the thought of just benching Dart for his first few chapters is stupid (how is he bad during the isles, exactly, outside his first chapter?), but I have to agree. That's just...Well, bascally it says Dart can't win until lategame.

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