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1 Midia>Maria on Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:03 am

Maria joins in Chapter 10, and likely isn't seeing much action at all. Midia joins in Chapter 12, and also won't be seeing much action. Midia will be assumed to be going Bishop. Maria is going her usual path. So with Chapters 11-12, I'll assume 1.5 levels a chapter for Maria. Here's what they look like:

Maria (6/0): 18 HP, 3 Mag, 4 AS, 4 Def
Midia (1): 24 HP, 3 Mag, 6 AS, 4 Def

They look pretty similar, don't they? However, here are some differences:

-Midia has 1 more move, so she can more easily catch up with the team
-Midia can take a hit from Shooters in Chapter 13. Maria can't. This makes her much more flexible
-With only 1 levelup, Midia can take a hit from Cavs as well
-Maria's only advantage is that she's probably approaching C staves by now

Now, lets look at them a bit down the road

Maria (15/0): 19 HP, 4 Mag, 6 AS, 4 Def
Midia (6): 27 HP, 4 Mag, 9 AS, 4 Def

-Same advantages apply
-Midia can still survive cav hits (and general hits)
-If Maria wants to improve from here, it costs the team a Master Seal

Even the Master Seal doesn't change much:

Maria (20/1): 26 HP, 7 Mag, 8 AS, 6 Def
Midia (9): 29 HP, 4 Mag, 11 AS, 4 Def

It may look like Maria's durability has improved, but at 1.5 levels a chapter, we're looking at around Chapter 18. So she's doubled by everything on the map, while Midia can at least survive cav hits. Nothing ORKO's Midia that would 2RKO Maria either. And she's healing a grand total of 3 more HP, if we're even bothering to use a Master Seal.

So Midia's advantages seem to outweigh Maria's.

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2 Re: Midia>Maria on Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:13 am


Agreed. And Bishop might not even be her best route, lol.

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3 Re: Midia>Maria on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:19 pm


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