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Fire Emblem Genesis - Philosophy, Rules and Other Important Things

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Welcome to Fire Emblem Genesis, a fresh new forum focused on Fire Emblem Debating. This place's purpose will be to promote intelligent and moderated discussion on almost everything related to Fire Emblem debating.

Fire Emblem Debating has had a long history all over the place, but it was generally always in places I didn't feel it was at home. The userbase simply wasn't focused on debating, but rather a lot of other aspects. Recently you can almost strictly find Fire Emblem Debating on Serenes Forest, and while I love the site and many of the people I met there, it is also a community with lots of young people. The quality control on posts is simply not strict enough, and Tier Lists and such are simply cornered into small parts of the forum, meaning topics always get clogged with multiple issues, impossible to oversee. In addition, the tier list of any game is always at mercy of the one who opened the topic. If the original poster doesn't like your arguments, he can get away with not editing them in and just arguing with you until the end of time about it.

I intend all of that to be different here. I want this place to be organized discussion of Fire Emblem and its statistical parts. There will be room for everything. Not just tier lists, but also the controversial topics such as positive/negative utility, neccessity, opportunity costs, resource use, etcetera etcetera. If at a point in time you find the current set of categories and forums to be too limited, contact me, and I will expand the limits.

That said, I know as no other that every discussion needs regulations. People tend to overheat when debating for some reason, which is stupid because this is the internet we're on. Nonetheless, I request that you do not make personal attacks on anyone. You can attack their argumentation (or lack of it) all you want. You can obviously swear all you want, I don't believe in filters or limiting speech.

Also, common sense. No sexual content, no link to ROMs or warez of any kind, don't create alternate accounts, don't spam, etc. I expect the people to come here to know how forums on the internet work. If you don't, expect me to kick you out.

This brings me to my next point. My decisions are final. I won't claim to be completely unbiased, but I think most people in the Fire Emblem internet world know I'm a reasonable person. If I think you're being retarded, and then I'm going to take action.

That's it for my current welcome statement. Be sure to read any and all available announcements/stickies before posting.

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