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Should there be a tier gap between Tomas and Arran?

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Tomas comes in C12. Arran in C16. Tomas probably wants an early promo at the cost of a Master Seal. I'm going to assume around 10/4 by the time Arran shows up. He'll be going Sniper:

Tomas 10/4: 33 HP, 10 Str, 13 AS, 8 Def
Arran: 26 HP, 8 Str, 13 AS, 9 Def

So Tomas needed a Master Seal, only to have a slight HP/Str lead. Arran required no resources whatsoever. Durability is essentially equal. Tomas can only take an extra hit from Horsemen in Chapter 16 which bow users shouldn't be fighting anyways. Enemy attack only increases in the remaining chapters. Growths, Tomas wins HP by 15%, and Aran wins Str and Spd by 20%. Tomas grows slightly faster, but he'll never have a sizable lead over Arran.

So Tomas had to spend a few levels as a crappy Archer, and used up a Master Seal, just to chip slightly more then Arran. I really don't think there should a tier gap, so either Tomas to Salt tier, or Arran up.

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Midia vs. Arran

6 Midia: 30 HP, 8 Str, 14 AS, 9 Def
Arran: 26 HP, 8 Str, 13 AS, 9 Def

Not seeing much of a difference here either. Her level may of been a bit generous too. Although she will have Silver Bow by now...

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I'm just gonna combine the tiers.

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Maybe Samson and Astoria at the bottom of low (as in tier difference between them and Arran) seeing as they both have semi-solid stats and weapon ranks.

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