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Move vs 4 refresh, and other crap [Regarding Sylvia]

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Just because I know this is going to be controversial, I made a topic for discussion about Sylvia's position.

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Sylvia in Ch2 is like one of those "she's one of the only ones who can do this" things: save a ton of villages. Then she has to run northwest to get returned to the castle but probably can't keep up with anyone in McKeily's direction.

Then for Ch3, she doesn't have enough money to buy the Knight Ring and there's no Leg Ring yet. She can vigor four mounts on turn 1, then four foot units on turn 2, perhaps some more on turn 3. That's pretty damn good. Then everyone needs to go back, probably by using Return/Warp, though some can stay to intercept the dragons and pirates, and some others might be able to pay a visit to her on the way back if it's quicker to do so rather than wait for being next in line to be staff'd back.

Alternatively, she can just stay near the home castle and repeatedly dance for Lachesis and some other guys, like whoever she is being paired with and someone suiciding into the arena, so Lachesis can staffspam her way to 20.

The way back from Silvail is like the reverse of the first part of the chapter, so again she might be able to help...if you Returned your Warp user from Madino then some people might need vigoring to get back to Madino from Augustria castle. Then again, your Warp user is most certainly Aideen, and she practically has to stay at Madino to make it to Brigid in time without making the chapter too lengthy.

Then the Warrior with Leg Ring shows up, but she can't kill him and probably won't be able to buy the ring in this chapter, so that about ends it.

Ch4 is a lot more linear than Ch3, so it's harder for her to keep refreshing people here. She may be able to buy the Leg Ring, though it's also heavily competed for...but she's like the best candidate for it, besides Sigurd. If she gets the Leg Ring, I'd say she gets a "Reyson" rating for this chapter, minus the opportunity cost of a Leg Ring. If she doesn't, she's handy, but not better than your really good fighters.

Ch5 is a lot like Ch4, though the enemies are somehow worse (Wind Mages and Pegs are a lot harder to deal with than all these Axe/Thunder/Fire magic enemies). She's kind of crucial for getting to Byron in time.

So she has "unique utility" for Ch2, then her best non-Leg Ring map is Ch3, and depending on Leg Ring she may or may not be very good in Ch4 and Ch5.

On inuition, I would say the lower regions of High.

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