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Karin from Upper Mid to High?

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1 Karin from Upper Mid to High? on Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:22 am



-Upper Mid-

There's a few units I regard as "they're not this high for combat, since that's pretty bad, but all the other things they bring to the table". They are Lifis, Lara, most staff users, Leaf and Karin. The thieves are in Top, Nanna is top of High and pretty much all other staff users are in bottom of High. But Leaf and Karin are in Upper Mid.

Now, Leaf's utility are mostly a lot of small things added together that do not have much of an impact: forced slot, both brands of stars, support list.

But Karin is different. She can shave off countless turns and get treasures that others never could without transportation from her, another flier, or Warp. I'll leave out indoor chapters, and Ch8 because she's fatigued there...highlighting only significant contributions.

Ch6: west villages, which have Elite and a scroll iirc
Ch7: capture the bandit thief for a lockpick. general transport to the exit. maybe transporting Saphy, but if you position properly, this isn't required at all.
Ch9: transport someone to help the Dorias crew, or go shopping
Ch10: south village pretty much requires a trained Karin that drops down, dismounts and fights her way to the village
Ch12: north and iirc south villages are both in danger of being destroyed, and Karin can also be used to transport people across the river instead of having to go over the bridge (which needs to be thief picked, or used a Bridge Key on)
Ch13: Knight Proof village that pretty much only she can reach, and can kill ballistae in conjunction with Lara
Ch14: probably too many ballistae to do much early on, but someone's gotta get that Resire village

Now from this point most of the things she does can be done by Dean (and lol Eda) as well, so she doesn't get as much credit for them.

Ch14x: kill pegasi that capped civilians, or transport them to the exit
Ch15: transport Leaf and/or other fighters to the middle area

Ch16A: recruit Eyrios
Ch16B: lots of forests that people need transporting over
Ch17A: recruit Misha, fly to the Druid cliff to take out the Warping guy, transport people north to end the chapter before Cyas comes
Ch17B: probably too many ballistae to do a lot in the north, so mostly transporting

Ch19: If she starts in the south, she can airlift someone to the exit. If she starts in the north, she can bring someone to the action, or go for a village.
Ch20: probably too many ballistae, but can have some use airlifting once they are cleared
Ch22: again ballistae trouble, prolly can't do much here
Ch23: nothing noteworthy

Karin has a lot of availability compared to some people a tier above her, like Sleuf. And while those are more useful in indoors, Karin is fatigued less because combat gives less fatigue than staves, and flying business doesn't fatigue at all.

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2 Re: Karin from Upper Mid to High? on Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:02 pm

Karin's contributions are pretty much invaluable, so I agree. Even if she is never used for combat, she'll be used in almost every playthrough for the reasons you mentioned. Not that her combat is terrible, and she's a great candidate for the Elite Manual. I say the change is justified.

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3 Re: Karin from Upper Mid to High? on Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:48 am


gonna make this change.

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