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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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Troll Hack Sticky

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1 Troll Hack Sticky on Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:19 pm



It started out as a joke, and, well, it still is.

"Hey, jumpluff, let me make an FE8 hack. What should be in it?"
"ok I'll put FE6 HM Rutger in"
"Rutger <3<3<3<3<3"

And then I decided to start fucking around and implemented a lot of fairly random changes to show off what you can do with Nightmare. There is no goal in this hack, other than to have fun.

The latest patch I made can be found here, you will need a US version of the FE8 ROM. So far, the game has been edited up till Ch5.

Thanks to everyone who brought in ideas, and thanks to jumpluff for the amazing box art.

Here are all changes so far. I would not recommend reading them: it's much more fun to play through and go WTF at things.

Here's all the changes made to "The Pluff Hack", also called FE8: Troll Edition. Changes to characters listed in the chapters they join in.

- Seth is given FE6 HM Rutger's class and statistics, making him Sethgar, also called Sedgar, a reincarnation of the FEDS Demigod. Like every self respecting Myrmidon, he has a Killing Edge with him.
- All the enemy Fighters have Devil Axe, allowing them to OHKO both of your units...and making their chance to hit them completely negligible.

- Fog of War limits all PCs to 1 vision.
- Franz is now a Pegasus Knight, and Pegasus Knights all have A anima, and no more lances.
- Gilliam is now a Wyvern, kind of a Haar tribute.
- The entire map is now Archers, and the boss is a Sniper. They are armed with Short Bows (1-2 range) and Longbows (3-10 range, with nerfed mt/hit).

- Every enemy is turned into a floating eyeball with Eclipse, and sometimes another weapon. The boss has no Eclipse, but is promoted and has Flux.
- Garcia and Ross start as enemies. Due to the way the game is programmed, they can still be either have to do that, or kill them to advance.
- Ross starts with C axes and a Killer Axe.
- Vanessa is a 10 mov thief with E swords...and the only E sword is slim sword, which gives no WEXP. Sucks for her! Also her inventory is trollish. Growths top secret.

- Every enemy has a Poison Lance, which has 1-2 range and 100% crit, but the enemies all have shit atk.
- The exception is the Paladin, who is just there to not get critted, heal himself and do shit damage.
- Colm is now a Rogue, but the noob still uses a Lockpick to open a door.

- But brother........
- Also Artur is now a Civilian type, but I whacked up his class name and desc. He starts with 0-1 bases, but D weapons in everything but staves, and has huuuge growths.
- Lute is so far unchanged, except her bases received a boost.

- I promised a training ground for the new and terrible Vanessa. Here it is: infinite EXP on brigands!
- Watch out for Berserkers and animation mind fuck.
- Take heed to your first actual uber unit: Ismaire.

Use this forum to discuss the thing. Make a tier list if you're bored.

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