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Corple/Sharlow ordering

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1 Corple/Sharlow ordering on Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:30 am

What exactly is putting Corple[Dew] above Corple[Claud]? * rank staves and staff inheritance >>>>>>> better growths on a unit that shouldn't ever be fighting. Is it really just because of bargain? Because I don't really see money as an issue. The only people who have trouble with money are holy weapon users, and let's see how that works out.

Celice should be completely maxed out on money, or nearly so, by the time Tyrfing shows up.
Shannan has a really fast love growth and a conversation with Lakche, who has more money than she could ever possibly spend.
Aless is one of the better options to grab the thief ring (you need to be mounted to have a shot at it, and Aless is the only mounted person who even needs it)
Sety[Levin]/Arthur[Levin] have a good shot at inheriting the bargain ring, since it starts right next to Levin and Levin makes good use of it anyways.
Faval only has a player phase, so he doesn't go through the Ichival as quickly. One or two villages should be enough to make up the difference between what the arena provides and what he needs.
There's a huge cluster of villages right after Altenna joins. Just have her pop a few of them and she's golden, because she only has three chapters of attrition on her bank account, and she spends half of the final chapter waiting for Arion to show up anyways.

So basically, Patty has nobody who's absolutely clamoring for her services besides Corple. Tell me again why he needs bargain? Especially since Corple[Claud] only needs to spend money on repairing, not purchasing, since he inherits staves (and is the only person who can inherit the reserve staff, for instance, besides Rana[Claud]).

Sharlow is basically identical to the Corple rabble except that he gets the berserk staff and might actually promote at some point and take a potshot or something.

The ordering I propose is:


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2 Re: Corple/Sharlow ordering on Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:50 am

Dew's Bargain completely cancels staff inheritance, basically. At that point it is a question of how much you value staff inheritance and higher mag when the mag Corple[Dew] gets is probably enough. Also, it isn't long before Bargain more than cancels out the staff inheritance.

So it's a question of cheaper vs. Valkyrie and higher Mag.

Whatever floats the boat of the person running the list, really.

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3 Re: Corple/Sharlow ordering on Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:42 pm

Yeah, CorpleDew who can buy reserve and repair it for half off>starting with it, this was argued.

He absolutely doesn't need Bargain to function at all, just Reserve, and Bargain makes it easier to maintain.

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