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screw playing, i want to argue about it on the internet

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Lethe/Mordy vs. Swordmaster trio and Brom

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1 Lethe/Mordy vs. Swordmaster trio and Brom on Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:54 pm

It was a little quick, but they moved a bit on Serenes Forest.

It started here, I think, and ended here.

It is so far temporary (it seems), so I won't change it here for a few days even without dissent. Refute the ideas either here or there, it doesn't matter to me. Best to do it there, probably, since that is where you can quote easiest for a step by step response to kirsche's posts.

Also Red Fox of Fire and one other have expressed uncertainty on Brom > Zihark. I suppose if anyone wants to discuss it on this site rather than SF you can do it in this topic, too, since this topic is basically meant to be about the relative positions of those 3 sets. (Mordy/Lethe are a clump, Brom is his own clump, Zihark/Mia/Stefan are a clump.) Please no comments on the relative positions of units within a given clump in this particular topic. Make your own topic if you want to dispute the positions within a clump. Discussing one clump splitting another clump, though, is okay in this topic. Like suggesting Mordy > Zihark > Brom > Lethe > Mia > Stefan. Or something.

edit: (changing to Mordecai > Lethe > Brom > Zihark > Mia > Stefan on Friday if there is no posts. But does nobody dispute Lethe > Brom and Zihark? I would have thought that one at least would get some attention. I'm just going with Serenes mostly because nobody has complained on either forum.)

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2 Re: Lethe/Mordy vs. Swordmaster trio and Brom on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:30 pm

I really don't feel like making this change without something happening here. I think I'll move it a bit anyway, though. There haven't been any complaints on SF about it, anyway.

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3 Re: Lethe/Mordy vs. Swordmaster trio and Brom on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:48 pm

Lethe over Brom? Verily. Brom's got speed sissues, Lethe doesn't, and Lethe is durable enough. Granted she isn't combat ready all the time, but she starts off capable, unlike most laguz of the game. This allows her great move to make up for it with immediate use, of which Brom has issues himself with his poor move.

As for Zihark? Well...Bit iffy with him. I'd say it's a far closer fight. His offense might not be shiny, but at least he has variety in his weapons. He might not be durable solidly, but Earth is Earth. He's of greater benefit to his supporters than Lethe is to hers (she gets more from the boosts than they would, they're just strapped for other options). His move might not be laguz great, but Lethe DOES have transform issues, as much as starting transformed mitigates this.

PoR board seemed slow, you seemed without input, I happen to be the one who argued Lethe up there in the first place, figured some opinion is better than none, if my opinion is somewha skewed, if indeed it is.

...I'll shut up now.

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